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Why did my font change and how can I get my old ones back?

Asked by Dutchess_III (36037points) March 13th, 2014

Gave my computer over to Geeks on Site yesterday. They ran about 10,000 scans and did a bunch of other stuff. Well, they also changed the font that I’m used to seeing. It’s like it went from Times New Roman to Ariel AND, worst of all, it’s smaller. How do I get my old font back? I could get used to it, but it’s harder to read. Like, the letters are spaced more closely together.
It’s weird, though. Some posts show my old font, other areqas show the new. For example, as I’m typing this it’s showing up in the new font that I hate, but the preview on the right shows my old font…..?

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Well as we get older thing change and we just need to adjust our lifestyle to accommodate the changes…...................Oh, wait, this wasn’t metaphorical?

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No. It gives me a headache trying to read it. It’s like, all squished together.

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Is this in your web browser only?

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What do you mean @Stinley? It’s here and on fb. Haven’t really checked anything else out.

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Please inform us what computer and operating system you are using, as well as which browser (internet explorer, chrome, firefox, safari) you are using, and what other programs you might be seeing this change in.

My first strep would be to call the shop that did the service and have them tell you what they did and that you are not happy with it. They should then instruct you how to change it back at no charge to you, and perhaps kiss your ass with a discount on a future purchase for messing up in the first place.

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Windows 7, Intel Pentium, Nobilis.

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I first read this question as: “Where did my old front go, and how can I get it back?”. I was prepared to answer, “Exercise ot the only way, unless you can afford plastic surgery!”

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Now MINE has done the same thing!

@Dutchess_III is POSSESSED! She’s a WITCH! Stone her, stone her! o ° 0 o ° o O

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I think I got it. Look in your control panel @ibstubro.

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Fluther is the only thing that changed for me, @Dutchess_III

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As I was answering your question, my Fluther font changed. Got smaller. The regular type is okay, but the whispers are murder.

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