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Which camera makes the most sense?

Asked by rojo (22085points) March 13th, 2014

I am kicking around getting a new dslr camera and would like your input on a question.

The question boils down to whether to go Nikon or Canon.

I consider Nikon the better product but have nothing bad to say about the Canon line. The thing is that Canon is the most commonly purchased product, at least around here, and that means that there are more used lenses available that can be purchased at a reasonable price. So if I go Canon I can get more for my money. In the past I have never had a problem with lenses I have bought used and believe for the most part I will get a good product.

I am a casual photographer but I enjoy taking good photos wherever I go, lots of photos.

In your opinion, what makes more sense, buy the more expensive Nikon I would prefer and afford a smaller assortment of lenses or go with the less expensive Canon that will also give me more bang for my buck in the used lens department?

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I’ve been a Nikon guy for decades. Nikon F, Nikkormat…etc.
When I decided to go to a DSLR I went with the Nikon D3200 because my ancient lenses fit! Of course they don’t have all the functionality but they still work. I can do anything – if I have the manual nearby!

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I have about a dozen digital Nikon cameras, have taken 1,000s if not tens of 1,000’s of picture with them, and I have only had a problem once. The lens stopped extending on my initial camera ($750) and I liked it so well I started buying replacement cameras on eBay under $30.

That said, my advice would be to look for a used Nikon that comes with some accessories or buy the Canon new. eBay heavily favors the buyer now.

It sounds like you like playing with the bells and whistles so I wouldn’t limit myself there. When I bought my Camry the one thing I wanted in a new car was leather seats. I didn’t get leather and I’ve never liked the car.

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Not too long ago I got a used Nikon D200 and the only thing it doesn’t do is shoot video and I had no trouble getting lenses I needed to shoot with. Fortunately my rig came with a 75–300 mm lens so all I had to do was get a 25–200 macro/wide angle and I was set.

I had a friend who has the Canon Rebel and she loves it and takes amazing photos with it. I probably would have bought the Cannon if I didn’t stumble upon the used Nikon rig.

@LuckyGuy I am so with you on the manual thing. After a year and a half I still don’t know what half those buttons or setting do.

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I agree with others here, go with what you;re familiar with. I’ve been using Nikon for over 40 years, so when I got a DSLR I went Nikon. My ex wife was from a solid Canon family, so she went with that. I don’t see any difference in picture quality.

So it gets down to economics and familiarity. If you don’t have a history with either, then comparing local ads versus eBay is probably best way to choose

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@Cruiser I got an awesome 18 to 270 zoom with mine. It’s great but does not have the resolution of my old fixed focal length lenses.

I actually invested the time and learned what everything does. E.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g! I learned how the image stabilizer works, what wavelengths the internal filter will pass, true shutter speeds, etc. I can make it sing now. They sure pack a lot into that camera.

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My sister was a solid Nikon faithful, while I had my Canon SLR.
We both swear by them, not at them. You will be happy with either one.
Since the rise of digital cameras, I don’t have much experience with Nikons, but I do love my Canon digital camera.

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My familiarity, or more correctly, experience with either brand is minimal. I have been an Olympus uses for decades but from what I understand they are not pursuing the DSLR market and finding reasonably priced used lenses is an even harder prospect than with Nikon.

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You will be happy with either, I agree with @filmfann. Decide which options are important to you (video, digital output, wifi, lenses) and compare prices.

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Thanks to all for your input and insights.

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I use a Nikon now but I’ve used Canon as well and have no complaints about either.

There isn’t anywhere locally that sells used lenses as I live in the middle of nowhere, but I’ve bought used and refurbished Nikon lenses from online vendors and haven’t had a problem. I recently purchased a refurbished lens for $500 that was originally priced at $800 new and it works perfectly. Just a suggestion if you haven’t considered buying used lenses online for the Nikon (because you said Canon is popular locally, I’m assuming you’re shopping for lenses locally).

In my experience, settling for what is cheaper rather than what I want leaves me unsatisfied in the end.

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I would also add that if you are budget conscious, take a look at lenses made by Tamron. They are quality lenses that come with a great warranty. If it breaks you get a new lens no questions asked. They are sometimes half the cost of high end Canon or Nikor lenses and unless you are going to make a living at it these lenses do just fine for everyday shooting. May not be as fast as the higher priced ones but the optics are decent and yield great images.

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@Cruiser Thanks, good information. No, I do not and do not plan on making a living at it. This is just for my own pleasure.

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Television and professional camera is Sony and Panasonic, especially Panasonic, I see most frequently, as professional JVC, Canon, Hitachi, Samsung, not much is home, but home users rarely bought several brands, whether professional or family, I see either Sony or Panasonic.

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@Cruiser Good advice – my mom has a couple of great Tamron lenses for her Cannon.

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