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How does having a stroke feel ?

Asked by Aster (18226points) March 13th, 2014

A lady friend said hers felt like someone was pouring hot oil all over her brain. My dad said he heard “a buzzing sound.”
Do you know how a stroke feels?

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This old fella once told me it felt like Sammy Davis Jr had invaded his body singing ”It’s gotta be me” leave this soul Sammy, the power of christ compels you!!

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Are you sober?

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I am, think the old guy was drunk though.

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I’m sure the sensations experienced will vary widely depending on which are of the brain is shorting-out.

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Depends on the person and the stroke, clearly. My husband’s grandfather had mini-strokes that he never noticed and two bigger ones in which he just felt dizzy and like something wasn’t right. His coordination was off, too. No hot oil, though.

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There are two main kinds of strokes. Hemorrhagic strokes involve burst vessels in the brain, which patients commonly complain of “the worst headache I have ever had,” which comes on suddenly.
An ischemic stroke is a blood clot blocking flow to a part of the brain, but is not a burst vessel. This type is more common.
Most patients display a weakness on one side of the body. If you were to ask them to hold up both arms they may not be able to hold both at the same height. This is a common test EMTs will use to assess strokes. Another common symptom is sagging facial muscles on one side. They may slur words or jumble them completely but not be aware that they are doing so. They may be confused and spaced out.
As far as what it feels like, it’s a bad sign if they have that headache. It’s basically an aneurysm. Confusion and vertigo are much more common than pain.

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Few things in life terrify me more than having a stroke. I know the sings of having a stroke but have never had one. I’ve taken very strong actions to decrease the chances of me having an ischemic stroke. My heart is in normal rhythm now but for 10 years I suffered with atrial fibrillation (AF). My heart’s left atrial appendage (That’s where blood clots form that cause ischemic strokes) was surgically removed last July. I’m also on coumadin therapy but it is over rated and 1 in 5 people with AF will suffer an ischemic stroke in their life time even while on anticoagulants like coumadin. I also have very low blood pressure so a hemorrhagic stroke is unlikely in my case. So even if my heart goes back into AF sometime in the future (and it likely will) I will be able to rest easy knowing my risk of having any kind of a stroke is very very low.

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