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Do you believe there is some kind conspiracy behind the missing Malaysian plane incident?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14929points) March 14th, 2014

That incident is just horrible. Hundred of lives were inside a plane and then they all went missing without a trade!

There have been many countries participating in the search for the plane but so far without any clear result.

At the same time, something seems to be off about Malaysia. They seemed to be giving unclear information and even deny some. Something seems very suspicious about their movement.

And that has stirred up many rumors and theories ranging from stupid to scary. But the most believable theory seems to be some kind of government conspiracy.

Do you believe there is some kind of conspiracy going on? And what do you think is the reason for the disappearance?

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I haven’t been following this, so I apologize if I am missing something.

The time to believe there is a conspiracy is when we have evidence of the conspiracy. It appears from my browsing through news reports on this, that people know very little about what has happened, are making statements and then certain media are trying to get things interesting by focusing on conflicting reports, all of which are easily explained by incompetence and lack of information.

Another thing to consider – in one sense, an event like this is likely to involve many little conspiracies, as people attempt to avoid responsibility or try to pretend that they know more than they do in order to boost/protect their career. This in no way implies that the actual situation (missing plane) is the result of some conspiracy.

And we should all run to our basements and check to see if we have any high-tech devices that may help people find this plane. If all we can come up with is a hammer and a few nails, it probably makes sense that we’ll be unable to solve this mystery or provide anything new that would help the people who are investigating it.

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Yes, most definitely. Obama, the Kenyan government, and Hilary all got together with the Malaysians to kidnap 239 people and hold them until the US acknowledges the existence of Bigfoot.

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There’s just no motivation for a conspiracy. What on Earth does anyone have to gain from this incident?

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If you look at a map and draw a line from where the last transmission was through the point where the Malaysian military said it got a reading in the Straight of Malacca and continue on you end up at:

Diego Garcia!

Coincidence? I think not.

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@Mimishu1995 Sorry my sarcastic side gets carried away at times. I think there’s going to be a really crappy explanation for what happened, and we’re going to left to wonder what the heck the motivation was to do this.

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This is of course pure bullshit, but can you imagine how epic it would be if friendly aliens took it away & return it safely in full view of the media glare.
We’d all be glued to our screens, entranced by the enormity of what we’re seeing, that would be fucking fantastic.
Back in the real world however, I think the plane most likely disintegrated, either due to catastrophic mechanical failure, or an explosion instigated by terrorism.
It took two years to locate the black box recorder from the Air France crash back in 09, although debris was found within days.

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@hominid … likely to involve many little conspiracies, as people attempt to avoid responsibility or try to pretend that they know more than they do in order to boost/protect their career. How true! And how far it goes to explaining other great conspiracy stories.

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There definitely is a LOT about this flight that is very unusual. The plane drops off radar, no distress signals from the black box if it had crashed on land or from the underwater locator beacon if it crashed in the water. The fact that the plane disappears off radar while at 27,000 feet means one of 2 scenarios….it blew up in midair or someone turned off all the signals beacons and radar and engine data communicators. This means someone had to do this or order it done.

Enter in the two passengers who boarded the plane using stolen passports. What I think opens a door towards a conspiracy or potential for foul play is that theses mens tickets were purchased by an Iranian businessman and paid with cash. The two traveled to Malaysia on Iranian passports, then apparently switched to the stolen Austrian and Italian documents. Supposedly one of the pair one was a 19-year-old Iranian planning to enter Germany to seek asylum and the other supposedly was heading on to Copenhagen. Why all the cloak and dagger with stolen passports?

Another piece to the puzzle is the revelations by a senior police official told Reuters that passengers armed with explosives and travelling on stolen passports had previously attempted to fly out of Kuala Lumpur’s international airport.

So we have two Iranian’s as of yet no connection to Muslim extremists (remember the Boston City Marathon Bombers did not have any obvious connections either until we were able to do a more thorough investigation on them), a plane at cruising altitude that all of a sudden all radar transponders and beacons are disabled either manually or by a catastrophic failure…there is conflicting reports of Roll Royce continuing to receive engine data pings for up to four hours after the plane disappeared.

So many possibilities exist and if it was terrorist related what would be the motive?

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According to what I just read on Reuters, the conspiracy – if it is that – extends much farther than we would like to believe:

(Reuters) – Military radar data suggests a Malaysia Airlines jetliner missing for nearly a week was deliberately flown hundreds of miles off course, heightening suspicions of foul play among investigators, sources told Reuters on Friday.

Think about that: foul play among investigators? So, what now? Are the investigators screwing with each other, trying to mess up each other’s work, or what? Or is it just normal office hijinx among too-stressed workers?

The story gets weirder and weirder, or at least the reporting does.

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I think there were snakes on the plane.

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@Adirondackwannabe It’s OK. It’s in social section anyway.

@PhiNotPi who guarantees that no one will gain anything from it? Someone may gain something, in an unthinkable way, who knows?

@CWOTUS foul play among investigators? I didn’t see it coming. Sound like a crime-noir plot to me.

@turtlesandbox Haha!

@Cruiser I think it’s terrorists’ work too, but my theory changed after seeing some more suspicious details going on in the process of the investigation.
Seriously, I believe the disappearance is even worse than the plane just crashing somewhere before everyone’s eyes. Costing too much anxiety, human resources and trust already.

@rojo It’s cool that the plane disappeared just days after some Chinese terrorists’ attacks.
Ukraine’s political crisis, Chinese terrorists’ attacks, and now this disappearance.
Are all of them a signal for the third world war?

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There are some weird elements here, true, and I’m interested to hear the whole story. Since I don’t know the whole story right now, though, I won’t get worked up. I don’t believe in conspiracies.

@Mimishu1995 “Just days after some Chinese terrorists’ attacks. Ukraine’s political crisis, Chinese terrorists’ attacks, and now this disappearance. Are all of them a signal for the third world war?”

I think you’d be hard pressed to find a period of time without multiple conflicts. That’s human nature for you :]

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@CWOTUS This is really hillarious. You do realize that this is a problem of unclear grammar rather than actual skuldugery within the forensic team, right? A job more suited for the parsing skills possessed by @gailcalled rather than Charlie Chan? This is too funny and dovetails nicely with that recent question on whether or not we should bother to continue to teach grammar in school, as, in the questioner’s opinion, it has no apparent usefullness in modern society. The answer to that question lies in your interpretation of the poorly written sentence in the Rueter’s report.

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I realize nothing, @Espiritus_Corvus. To rehash that famous old line (and bring it into the modern era), “All’s I know is what I reads in the paper… and online.”

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Ah-ha @Espiritus_Corvus perhaps it is purposely vague. Can you say culpable deniability?

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I like the link from @RocketGuy, but how can I use that system to find something other than what the rest of the world is looking for? (I do like the implied instruction in Tomnod – which could have come straight from Department of Homeland Security – “If you see something, [then] tag something.”)

But I’d really like to find Jimmy Hoffa, or even Ambrose Bierce. Or maybe Amelia Earhart.

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@rojo I attribute it to the possiblilty that the Reuter stringer’s mother tongue is not the Queen’s English.

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Probably a crew member deliberately crashed the plane or the plane accidently decompressed and they passed out.

And it appears the transponders were deliberately turned off so an accident is very unlikely.

If it were politically motivated, they wouldn’t quietly drop the plane into the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night.

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I would be very surprised if the United States did not possess the capability to pull up a visual track of the entire history of the flight. Long before our capability to record everything transmitted, electronically, we were obsessed with tracking EVERYTHING in the skies. There are of course reasons why such capabilities would never be admitted, but I don’t doubt for a second that there are agencies in our government that not only know the route of the plane, but can probably pinpoint within 50 feet where it either blew up or went down.

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I found a 20 meter long fishing boat using TomNod.

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@stanleybmanly A company called Inmarsat has emerged from the shadows and is saying it can provide this assistance in pinpointing probable locations of this plane.

“It does allow us to determine where the airplane is relative to the satellite,” he said of the signal, which he likened to the “noises you might hear when a cellphone sits next to a radio or a television speaker.” He said: “It does allow us to narrow down the position of the aircraft” — at moment when the signal was sent.”

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My colleague and I, sitting in a quiet art gallery this afternoon, were able to determine that from the point where the plane was last heard from, there was enough fuel to get the plane to Karachi, Pakistan, and we believe that’s where it landed because, like the two Iranians traveling on European passports, Pakistan is fed up with the United States and is hiding this group of innocent Chinese passengers just to fuck with us (and them).
It makes as much sense as anything else anyone’s said so far.

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According to the lastest news, it looks like a hijacking. However, I think the pilot was in on it. They think it may have been more than one hijacker, but I doubt that was the case since they said that the oxygen would only last a few minutes and all the passengers would’ve passed out and eventually suffocated. Only the pilots would have oxygen long enough to survive. So it makes no sense.

If you are going to hijack then, why go through all that trouble to end up in the ocean? They keep saying that there is no way it landed somewhere and no one knows where it went. So I’m thinking the captain or the co-pilot lost his mind and either killed the other guy, or there was some strange gas leak into the cabin that caused them to hallucinate, or they both drank something that was laced with some mind altering drug.

Then of course there is the last idea. They are making all this stuff up because they don’t want to admit that they don’t know what the hell they are doing and the plane crashed into some desolate little island where there is a nasty volcano and no one goes there. Possible that crap just went wrong on the plane and the captain couldn’t figure out how high or low the plane was or the speed it was going.

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I believe its possible the plane was landed at a remote airstrip somewhere.

I would give that chance vs. it being on the bottom of the ocean something like 30/70.

I don’t feel anything suspicious about Malaysia’s behavior. Its an insular asian nation. First we were told the military there was in charge of the investigation, so the Malaysian civil air authority was being kept out of the loop as well.

If the plane has landed somewhere, I fear for the lives of those aboard. How could the hijackers ever let any of them live if they were to keep their actions secret?

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It would be great if all the passengers turned up stranded on some tropical island. A real life “Lost”... LOL

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They’re making another series of Lost & the plot’s a familiar one…yawn

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Current evidence strongly suggests that the plane was hijacked. If the intent was to destroy the plane and kill the passengers however, why navigate the plane off course instead of simply nosing it into the sea? The only purpose that seems logical to me is taking the plane somewhere, perhaps Pakistan, where it could later be used to carry a nuclear bomb into a country supported by the West, such as Israel, that even if it did not detonate would be a weapon of mass destruction.

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Good questions Bill. I read an article this morning that the claim that the plane ascended to 45,000 feet (its ceiling), then down to 23,000 has been discounted. It also said the plane was following waypoints after the transponder was turned off, which are not in a straight line, and require a skilled pilot to do.

It seems like either the pilot or copilot were involved, or there was a pilot among the passengers onboard…

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I agree @NanoNano that only someone with the knowledge of flying this aircraft (or was able to coerce the pilot or copilot) could do this. As someone on the media suggested, taking the plane to 45,000 feet for a sufficient length of time would kill all of the passengers since their oxygen masks could supply oxygen for a short period. The pilots supply would not be as limited.

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Somebody is covering something up, that they don’t want the public to know just yet.

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@SQUEEKY2 That’s why I have that CIA experiment theory.

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