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What is an easy, low tech, foolproof way for someone to link to a personal photo on a Q&A site?

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 14th, 2014

I’d like to ask a question that requires everyone responding to post a photo. I don’t know specifically how to do that myself, and there are members that are even less savvy than me.

Be best if we didn’t have to join anything.

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I upload mine to

Here’s the uncut version of my avatar photo:

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Many of my friends across the interwebs use imgur (which has desktop and mobile extensions and apps to simplify the process) and photobucket (which also has extensions and apps) for that purpose.

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I second imgur. It’s by the far the easiest and fastest way.

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^ You need to sign up for flickr. I think the OP is looking for an anonymous option (“Be best if we didn’t have to join anything.”). Imgur is really the default standard for this.

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Tinypic’s day has come and long gone IMO.
Imgur is far better and easier to use.

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I’m on the train.

I’m not a member and I can upload photos and use those photos to upload to forums and I do this all the time

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@uberbatman I still use tinypic, mainly because it allows large gifs.

Interesting to ask for a low tech way to do this, considering what it is lol

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Looks like imgur it is!

Thanks all.

It may be days before I can get to my question, however.

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