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Do any doomsday prepers want good entertainment on the list of things to have?

Asked by talljasperman (21734points) March 14th, 2014

They have guns, water, shelter, extra food, what about entertainment? Is there any room for an amateur comedian on your ark?

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Not on mine.

Instead I’ll put a Soup Nazi restaurant facade on my ark and use that to lure the cast of Seinfeld into my lair. >:)

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If I survived I might get the position by default, but, nah…..nothing funny about the pathetic state of this world, planet. I don’t want to survive some catastrophic apocalypse, no thanks.
Not much humor to be found post nuclear wipe out, bio-warfare induced death and mayham.
Stoning someone to death over the carcass of a dead bird. haha

Survivalists are nuts, who the hell wants to survive the evils that may come, not I.

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They have lots of entertainment on their list.
Hunting gays, blacks and liberals, and raping women in the wilderness.

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I’ll take @ragingoli on board, like his comments, but seriously I’ll make sure that I got enough beer, porn and hookers on board.

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@Coloma “Not much humor to be found post nuclear wipe out, bio-warfare induced death and mayham.”

The ‘Fallout’ series shows otherwise.

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DVD’s of The Man Show never gets old!

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I bet they all have copies of “Red Dawn” and “Soylent Green” in the bunker.

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