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Which of these relationships are not your cup of tea, are they OK or not?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 14th, 2014

disclaimer To answer this question do not rely on scientific or religious/faith based information. If you disagree with any pairing you can state why so long as it isn’t derived of anything based in biology, genetics, etc. or any religious/faith text. To quash any wild imaginations, all parties of this question are to be looked at as 18yr or older. Legality of the unions where you live for this question is notwithstanding, aka you can’t use the law to choose either

Which of the following couplings are OK with you and which is not your cup of tea?

• Man 45 who couples with the 19yr daughter of his ex-wife’s sister; (his ex-niece-in-law)
• Man 25 who couples with his half-sister’s 22yr female cousin.
• Woman 25 who couples with her half-brother 20yr whom she never lived with growing up.
• Man 30yr coupling with his adopted 24yr non-blood related sister.
• Man 45yr coupling with his 22yr step daughter of his late wife whom he never officially adopted.

Bypassing any law, religion/faith, biological, genetics, or science, which ones are you OK with seeing they are all done by consenting adults, and which ones would you not want to see become legal if where you are now, they are not?

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