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What should I do with my half-finished, half-bald head?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (30338points) March 15th, 2014

I am mostly bald with hair only on the back half of my head. I have some electric shears, and this morning, I set them to the shortest length and began to cut.

The charge on the shears gave out when I was only half done.

I now have a half-bald head.

What fun should I be having with this interesting cut?

Should I go to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade downtown and scare the locals?

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Back to the past. Find a friend with scissors and a razor.

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@gailcalled I want to hide behind doors and jump out and yell, “Boo!”

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I don’t know about in your area, but a lot of bars around here hencourage folks to shave their head as a fundraiser to support St. Baldrick’s Foundation.

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Bless ya lil tootsies for sending me this question ;-}
Do you have a mains lead with your shears? It should be long enough to enable you to finish the job.

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@ucme The thought of hooking up an extension cord to the charging cord has crossed my mind, but I’m certainly not going to fix the situation until I’ve given my daughters a good scare.

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I muck around sometimes, shaved everywhere but for a landing strip down the middle.
Looked like Travis Bickle.

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Dye that patch green, sir! Scare daughters, then promptly shave it off.

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Yay! @augustlan She gets it!

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Three options:

1) Start taking Propecia and watch (most of) your hair grow back. The medication may not work for everyone, but it works very well for many men. My husband’s been using Propecia for 20+ years; he’s the only man in his family with a full head of hair.

2) Bald men are sexy; very sexy. Shave what remains and wear baldness well.

3) Let the fringe on one side of your head grow really long, do a comb-over, and plaster the strands in place. NO, that’s not an option; it’s a joke!

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My daughters weren’t scared. They shrugged and said I was weird.

I’m going to lie on the living room floor in a fetal position and sob.

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Aw, they’re no fun. If it’s any consolation, you scared the bejesus out of me! ~

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~ sniffle ~

Thanks, @augustlan.

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After charging my electric shears for some hours, I went to finish the job.

It ran out of juice at the very end before I had time to really check the results. I left 3 small uneven patches.

Now my daughters are laughing! Will the indignities never cease?

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Put on a white lab coat, and a blackened ID badge, and walk around drunkenly, moaning “Radiation!”

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Dear Jake, one’s own kids always blow the fun on those deals. Works better to mess with neighbor kids.

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That’s right, @Jonesn4burgers! Rub salt in my wounds.

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The electric shears took some time to charge, and I finished the job. I’ve never had hair this short. I must say the sea breezes over my bald pate are chilly.

I could get used to this.

Once the laughter dies down, that is.

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I bet you look stunning. Of course I had to laugh though, trying to picture the look on your face when you realized the power died.

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Make a spectacle of yourself on Facebook?

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Act the Fool in a Shakespearean comedy.

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@Hawaii_Jake puh-lease. You probably look like Bruce Willis.

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Bald men are hawt!

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