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Care to bid Glenn Edward McDuffie final farewell?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 15th, 2014

If the name doesn’t strike you at first glance, this photo might

The iconic poster child for the ending of WW2.

Rest In Peace Mr. McDuffie. Thank you for serving I am grateful for what you stood for and what you have protected!

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More than an icon or image from the end of WWII, he was a WWII vet. Many are gone, and they all need to be honored and remembered.

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May he rest in peace.

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Icon of an era.

Your pleasure in returning home became symbolic of generations returning home to the USA.


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My grandfather was in the US Navy underwater demolition teams that were the precursor to the Navy SEAL teams. my cousins husband was a US Naval Academy graduate and a recently retired Navy fighter pilot and her son is a recent Naval Academy graduate and a US Marine corps fighter pilot. i live less than 20 minutes from the US Naval Academy and in this neck of the woods we bleed Navy blue .,thank you for your service Sir and Rest In Peace

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Awwww…RIP you sexy dipper you. :-)

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He must have been 90 something?
My neighbors are 94 and 96..the last of the WW11 peeps are fading fast.

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86 :) such a long life

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