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A question for mods: supposed there's nothing to indicate a jelly is a spammer in their profile, how many times can they spam until their account gets modded altogether?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14638points) March 15th, 2014

Do you mod their accounts right away after they spam, or do you give them a chance to redeem? If you do the latter, then how many more times can they spam?

For example, a jelly called @mimishu1953 joins the collective. They add nothing on their profile or quite “innocent” things like “I’m a girl who love ice-creams, movies, blah blah blah”. They then post a spam thread (totally unrelated to their “story” if they have any). The thread gets modded of course, but does @mimishu1953 still survive? And if they do, how many times can they still spam until their account get modded, given that they don’t spam several times in a row, or post other normal questions along with spam threads?

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I’ve never been a mod here but my guess is that if a user’s first post is blatant spam, then they’re banned ASAP, with the intention of not getting another chance to post.

I don’t know if anyone who has been banned in that circumstance has ever asked for reinstatement, but I guess if they did, they might be given one more chance.

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Unless you post a link in your question you are pretty safe. Generally what gets you busted is when you come along and post a link in the answer using a different account. They can detect if you are the same person and that is pretty much a insta-ban.

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It really depends on a lot of things. Whether the profile has any legitimate content. Whether there have been any non-spam posts prior to the spammy one. Whether the spam contains a link or not. Whether there have been any previous accounts on the same IP address that have posted spam, or if the IP address is known for spamming. And it depends on the nature of the spam too. Someone whose only post is a link to their dodgy-health-products website will get banned right away but if its a post asking for tumblr followers we might just mod the post but let the user stay if they can agree to not do it again.

Often we ban based only on the username (like “TexasLawyers4U” would be a dead giveaway), or based on spam content in their profile, even before they’ve posted a single thing.

@johnpowell Right. We often get questions like “Where can I buy handbags in Bangalore?” and you can bet your bottom dollar that the first answer will be a link posted by another account from the same IP address. Those “leading” sorts of questions we tend to reject them even before answers can be posted, if we spot them fast enough. Unless they are posted by an established user who we already know is not a spammer.

As always, if you spot something that might be spammy, or might potentially be the start of a spam tag-team, please flag it and we will remove it as soon as possible.

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I would say it depends how blatant the spam is. I’m nt a mod, but people who are bviously selling stuff, who in a matter of 10 minutes have invaded 20 Q’s with answers that have their links get dealt with ASAP. I rarely flag things, but I definitely flag that sort of annoying ridiculousness. Maybe they get a warning first I don’t know. I would assume someone who only creates a question and is borderline spamming might just get their Q pulled and have it explained to them that sort of thing is not allowed. If they do it again then I’m thinking their gone.

Spammers do not last long here. Thank goodness.

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