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Do you have an odd favorite color?

Asked by NanoNano (1198points) March 16th, 2014

When you ask people what their favorite color is, you usually get a common response like blue, or red or pink, or yellow. Do you have an odd favorite color, like mauve, or chartreuse, or amber that you give as a response? Why? Are you just weird?

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Mine is tourquoise.

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Sky blue pink, the colour of a freshly kicked testicle.

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Once upon a time, I did have an unusual favorite color, the “goldenrod” Crayola crayon. Today, I’ll probably just say “blue.”

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I like greens, as an aside my wife hates anything green it was her mother’s favorite color and was EVERYWHERE in her house (even a couple of ceilings).

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I like white and black and greys. But those are not valid answers. That’s why this question always stumps me.

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I have two, moss green and the pink/red color of the inside of a ruby red grapefruit.

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I like metallic colors a lot. Painted several of my walls a metallic coppery bronze a few years ago and hung a huge abstract painting with turquoise, golds and ruddy browns on the metallic bronze back round wall. Beautiful!
My bedroom is beige and turquoise, with rattan shelves and black bombay type furnishings a very nice combo.

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I like purple (which is, for some reason, odd for a guy to like) and I really like silvery grey but like @dxs said that’s not usually an option so I just go with purple.

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I just adore bright day-glow-candy-apple-orange! Why? It takes me to a warm and happy place.

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Red State Red.

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What states are Mauve?

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Lapis Lazuli.

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I like black and white and blood-red mixed together. Imagine a black-and-white film-noir which allows the color of blood to be displayed then you’ll get what I mean.

Odd enough?

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I want to make a style of art where theres a picture and everything in the picture is black and white, except one small thing, which is red. I hope nobody has coined that style yet.

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@dxs and when your masterpieces are done, I’ll be the first one to see it!

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@Mimishu1995 Okay but first I have to learn how to draw. I don’t think stick figures will cut it…

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Stormy Ocean Blue/Green

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Orange. Not neon orange, but the colour of actual oranges.

@dxs I think you’re a bit late

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@ucme Sky blue pink! That reminds me of an old family story from before I was born. Mt grandmother was nagging my grandfather to decorate the bathroom for months and eventually he said “Alright just tell me what colour and I’ll do it!” She (foolishly) replied “I don’t care, it can be sky-blue-pink with black spots as long as it’s done this weekend!”. So that’s what he did. Two walls sky blue, two walls baby pink, with big black circles all over it.

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@downtide Yeah, sky blue pink is often used by grannies as a mickey take colour.

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@downtide That Google search isn’t exactly what I was thinking of in my post above.

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