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How badly do you want to go to space?

Asked by El_Cadejo (34547points) March 16th, 2014

How strong is your desire to go to space? Are you willing to take all the risks involved with space travel? Would you be willing to take a trip that may very well be a one way trip?

I think that if I could make it into orbit around our planet and then something devastating happened to the ship I could die happily. I’d love the opportunity to travel further but just the idea of making it outside of earths atmosphere would satisfy a life goal.

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The day after the Challenger accident, someone asked me if I would go on the next mission, and I said I would in an instant!
Their deaths were horrific (they hit the water while still alive), but the lure of Space is too strong.
Even after the Columbia deaths (which were avoidable, and caused by Bush administration cost cutting), I had no fear to go.
That said, roller coasters scare the shit out of me.

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I’d go in a fucking heartbeat.

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Hell no. I suffer from claustrophobia.

You can take your pretty little submarines too. I don’t want anything to do with them.

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Not strong at all since I saw the movie Gravity. Boooooring.

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I’d go. it would be quite an experience. I might even pay up to $500 or $750. But not more than that.

—As sung by Barry McGuire in 1965 after the first multi day space flight:

You may leave here for 4 days in space
But when you return, it’s the same old place.—

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I was chatting just yesterday about this with Clooney.

NO WAY !!! I get very, very nervous in tight places.

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Btw here is the video that inspired me to ask this question.

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I don’t have any interest in space travel, if I want to see epic views of the galaxy I just turn on the Discovery channel, or watch Star Wars, either or.

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I wouldn’t mind going through space, on my way to somewhere…

Just to go to soace and back? Not really…

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Probably extremely minimal that’s why were on Fluther and not working at NASA hehe

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It ranks slightly below bunging jumping and acting in porn movies on my wish-list.

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I’d prefer to do it virtually. But I would love the experience!

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I’d go.

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Haha not at all, what’s there for me?

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I might just hitchhike

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I’d go but I want a ‘suicide pill’, just in case I pull a Sandra Bullock and float away.

@livelaughlove21 Yeah, I wasn’t very impressed either.

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Life is too short to see all the interesting things here, much less space. And if I want to be weightless and on life support in a foreign environment, I just go diving. Plenty to do and lots to see with the prospect of finding the makings for a fine dinner as well.

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I would far rather tour all the wonderful breathtaking places to see right here on Earth.

If space travel ever became more routine and safer, I might consider it but for now there are plenty of unexplored (by me at least) nooks and crannies here in the USA and later the world.

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If I were in the health I enjoyed twenty years ago, you bet. These days it would be a death sentence for me, no doubts.

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@Buttonstc Part of me wanting to go to space is to see the Earth but just from a different POV

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I don’t want to go to space I want to watch it on tv… I don’t even want to go to the grocery store today, it is too much of a challenge.

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Do you read science fiction novels? When I was a kid I read a little novel called “Planet of the Double Sun”...

The premise was, a wealthy man launched himself into space on a long elliptical orbit of the Solar System. Thousands of years later, when humanity had self-destructed, an intelligent race of aliens found his frozen space capsule and had the ability to bring him back to life…

The story always intrigued me and I wanted to do the same thing before I died.

Unfotunately, I’m not Elon Musk with billions of dollars to burn.

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I would have done anything to be in a spaceship, beginning at age nine when I saw Destination Moon and continuing through adolescence. But by the time I graduated high school I knew that would never be possible for me. However I have never lost my love of the sciences from astronomy to physics.

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@NanoNano It’s the only thing I read. I haven’t heard of that book though but I’ll definitely check it out. I always thought that if space travel became cheap enough when I get old I’d like to just get shot into the depths of space with life support for a year or so. It’d be a great end to a life IMO.

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Although I remember how Babylon 5 was such a well written series that while it was running, I often wished I could have been part of that world.

It was just so richly detailed that you could almost feel that you were a part of it.

Its strange that DS 9 or the other Star Treks never really made me long to be a part of their various worlds in the same way. But B5 just had a unique quirky quality to it that kinda made you want to be part of it.

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Here’s the book on Amazon. It was written way back in 1967. I remember is was pretty short, but great for a teen looking for a good science fiction adventure at the time.

I think I’ll order a copy myself. I’ve lost my original one.

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The time span was 40 million years for his revival it seems, not thousands. All in all, an odd little tale but original as well.

I also would like to take a grand tour of the Solar System in my final years, would that be possible…

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That is a pretty cool question, to be honest it must be a heck of experience to go to the space and I think that every other person would grab this chance if he could. But at the same time, it is so highly dangerous for your body and for your safety as well so that it makes such kind of trip very very scary. So yes I would love to go to space, but if they tell me right now – hey, let’s go to space, I would double think over this situation.

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Virgin Galactic is going to be offering rides later this year, six to a ride, $250,000 a piece.

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^^ Do they offer frequent flyer miles?

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I went to the grocery store… So maybe I can go to space on day. I’m 6’5” and I wonder if I can find a spacesuit my size… I’m more interested in space probes and 3d animations.

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I’m glad you got out for a bit. ^^^^^^^^^^^ You don’t often enough, you know. If you don’t exercise enough, how will you ever have a chance to man a probe of your own? ;P

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@talljasperman You ever play Kerbal Space Program then?

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Heh…probes. :)

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@livelaughlove21 This is the internet, how dare you bring childish humor to a place of adulthood and maturity.

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@XOIIO KSP has taken over my life, so hard yet so fun and horribly addicting….. Recently I decided I’d build my first rover, after some screwing around I made one. I also decided I wanted to go to the mun instead of somewhere with an atmosphere (where i could easily use parachutes.) So I built a sky crane with a winch system so I could hover over the moon, lower and decouple the rover and then fly off. This all worked out well. Only problem I had now was that the whole thing was so damn heavy I had a hard time getting it into space. Finally I managed to pull that off but was completely out of fuel in kerbins orbit. Sent up another ship to dock and refuel and off to the mun. Yup ran outta fuel there, kerbal mobile gas station mach 2 :P . Finally, ~13 hours of gameplay later I landed on the mun. I did it. Fuck ya! So I decided I’d save the game here and explore with the rover the next day. Then I decided nope, I just accomplished this I’m going to have some fun, I’ll crash it or whatever and just load that quicksave. So I jumped off this crazy cliff which was pretty awesome, crashed, blew up, hit load…..except….I didn’t hit load…..OH MY GOD…. FUCKKKK….. yea… I hit save. And like that with the accidental stroke of 1 key, 13 hours gone.

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I fear that it might be boring.

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