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Are you happy Fred Phelps is "now on the edge of death" and currently in hospice?

Asked by johnpowell (14745points) March 16th, 2014

Yeah, he is the “God Hates Fags” dude.

I don’t really do the don’t speak ill of the deceased thing. This piece of shit deserves it. This piece of shit is a piece of shit. I’m glad he will be dead soon.

And he is still alive for now. God is probably chatting with Dante. The world will be a better place with his worm-food.

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I am not happy for anyone on the “edge of death”.

I am happy for anyone who is soon to meet with God.

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Pretty much, yeah. My first thought when I saw the news story was “good”.

He is essentially excrement in human form—I won’t miss him, that’s for sure.

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The head of the snake is one thing. Still have all those idiots who follow(ed) him. Oh well, it has been an amusing few years, I’m sure there will be another.

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It’s not as if his death will change a single thing. The rest of the cult is alive and well. I’m not glad he’s dying, nor am I the least bit sad. I have no feelings on the subject.

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Saw him on a Louis Theroux doc a few years ago, he looks a lot like Adam West, not so much Batman, more batshit crazy.
I remember laughing my head off at the daft bastard, got extremely defensive under the mildest of questioning.

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I guess all that doping did not do him any good in the end.

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Some people are just broken.

Had you not pointed it out, it would have occurred without my being aware so I can say that his life or death will not effect me in any way.

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It makes me wish I was a believer, because if there was ever a man that deserves to be judged, he’s it.

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Whilst I won’t miss his existence on earth, I can’t say I am glad he is on his death bed! I actually don’t care either way, whether he is alive or dead. I just hope that if he gets to meet his God that he is given some home truths about his beliefs.

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He’s probably that much of a cunt, he’d haunt anyone who crossed him.
“One, two, Freddie’s coming for you, three, four…”
Be like that priest in Poltergeist II shudders

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@ucme Freddy Krueger was WAYYYY cooler than this dude could ever hope to be.

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@livelaughlove21 I agree, Phred Felps is a real life monster, the genuine scary kind.

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Though I disagree – in the most fundamental and strongest ways that I can, short of violence – with everything that he stands for – or has stood for – and has said over the years, I think a different tack is called for than to “show him and his family how much we hate them” for their vile ideas and actions.

It would be a fundamental repudiation of the hate and anger that he has spread to simply forgive him for all of it, and to do it with no uncertainty or hesitation, and to let his family know that as well.

And then continue to fight against anyone living and working – including his remaining family – who continues to espouse those hateful ideas, and to the extent that they do so.

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Glad? No, not really.

Relieved that he can’t continue to show up at funerals and spew hate? Certainly.

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What a mean question. unlike you I don’t wish anyone dead and to suffer in Hell. Strange that you seem to know where people will be spending Eternity. Personally, I’ll leave my fate in Gods hands, not someone on Fluther.

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All I know is that if God approves of Phelps and lets him through the notorious pearly gates after all he’s done, then I don’t want to go to Heaven (assuming it exists).

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Fred Phelps authored a message of bigotry and hate that brought anguish and torment to me personally and countless others both gay and straight.

I don’t feel particularly happy that he is dying. It doesn’t make me want to sing and dance.

But if I’m given the chance, I will piss on his grave.

If I were closer, I would picket his funeral carrying a sign saying “LGBT folk are still here.”

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I guess that karma really is a bitch.

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