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Malaysia Airplane: Have you heard the fanatical POV of the captain pilot? Do you scoff or potentially buy it?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 17th, 2014

Here is a link

Granted it is DM and it may be extreme but seems plausible considering the politics and potential frustration one that loves his country might have?

Anyhow do you buy? or Sell?

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Theories abound, but truth still evades. Nobody knows anything for certain, all speculation. We just have to wait until the mystery is unveiled.

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Touche. Don’t believe the hype. He supports a man who is pro-democracy. It isn’t typical of pro-democracy people to be suicidal maniacs.

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Pro tip: don’t get your news from The Daily Mail.

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I don’t know whether or not to believe that site, so I will wait and see. Besides, I thought Courtney Love already found the plane.

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I’m not discounting political passion.

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I am not completely tossing aside the political leaning of the Pilot or the co Pilot.
I know this won’t be politically correct but I would feel very unsafe flying in a Muslim country or a country with a large population of Muslims in political dis-court.

I don’t trust what the radical members of that Religion would do to non believers. For once I would like to see or hear about the “peace loving Muslims” speaking out and condemning the radical among them.

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