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Europeans and Americans, do they teach you how to use the internet properly at school?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (14775points) March 17th, 2014

Some months ago I read about a high school girl who was suspended from school for a year for posting a very negative status on Facebook, basically defaming the school, teachers, tests… What she posted was a reworded, school-defaming version of the Declaration of Independence, and according to her, she didn’t write it herself. She only copied the original version somewhere and pasted it onto her wall, and replaced the original’s school name by her school name.

One teen magazine criticized the suspension as “an ineffective educating method”. It stated that teachers were unable to teach students how to use the internet properly, how to distinguish between good things and bad things on the web, and after things like that happened they just suspended the student, as if it was all the student’s fault. It also mentioned a little that in Western countries, students are taught how to use the internet properly, not like in my country, where students receive no guidance on how to use the net and lead to many negative outcomes like that above-mentioned incident.

Is it true that Western countries have special course for using the internet? Do they teach you how to use the internet properly at school?

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