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Is the process of human vision comparable to the process of capturing video using a camera (for the purposes of comparing frame rate)?

Asked by Blobman (516points) March 17th, 2014

Disregarding the rate at which photons are striking rod/cone cells in the human eye: How quickly does a rod/cone cell react to a photon? How is an electrical signal created to send to the brain and how long does it take to create that signal? How long does it take that signal to reach to brain? After a photon strikes a rod/cone cell how long is it before that cell can react to another photon? Does the electrical signal to the brain carry an entire “image/frame” or just a part of an image that the brain must piece together with other parts? After all of this, what is the “frame rate” of human vision? Is it then dependent on the amount of light in an environment?: Will a decreased rate of photons contacting rod/cone cells change the “frame rate” of vision?

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