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If puppies paved the way to immortality would you go for it?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 18th, 2014

Disclaimer As far as I know there is no way for this to be done. Hypothetically for the sake of the question, if you choose, to answer it, the science exist.

It hits the media, scientist and geneticist blank discovers that an enzyme or hormone found in puppies can turn off the aging gene in humans. However, to get a dose large enough to work and be effective for a 6ft 180lb man, it takes 14 puppies; more if the person is larger, and less if smaller. Would you try to get the treatment? If it were not available here in the US would you travel abroad to get it? If it were offered here, would you attempt to visit the US to receive the treatment? If small terrier dogs provided the most potent potion for anti-aging would that make any difference than if it were pit bull pups? If it were offered in the US, would you keep a closer watch on your pooch?

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Do they have to die to get the enzymes?
I have two small terriers so I’m naturally concerned…lol

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I don’t think I want to live forever, so let the puppies live.

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No. I don’t want to be immortal, and I don’t want to see puppy cruelty peddled as a fountain of youth.

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@KNOWITALL Do they have to die to get the enzymes?
Do all dogs go to heaven? that may answer that question. ;-P

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Hug not eat… Puppies would make my life better… but I’m more of a kitten/cat man.

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You can genetically alter bacteria and have them excrete the enzyme in large quantities as a natural byproduct of their metabolism. No puppy has to die for that.

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@ragingloli Are you saying that it is possible for a person to be immortal or for bacteria to be immortal?

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Bacteria ARE immortal by virtue of their sole method of reproduction, cell mitosis.

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Who the shit wants immortality? I’d kill puppies if it meant I could avoid immortality.

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I’m going to play a stereotype here. Since I’m half Korean and Koreans are especially noted for eating dogs, I have no qualms about my food being used as such. lol

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Think about how many excess dogs and puppies are euthanized in shelters across this country every single day simply for lack of room.

If they could be utilized to help humanity in some way, at least their deaths would not be totally in vain (as they are currently).

But, I’m not crazy about the idea of immortality in a human body for me personally. Our bodies are designed to expire and I’m ok with that.

I’d prefer immortality in a resurrected body or no body at all.

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Shit, for immortality I’d kill 14 people. Maybe more.

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That is a cruel question but…

Call me Cruella…

Cruella Deville.

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Don’t kid yourself. If that were true, dogs would be in farrowing crates faster than you can say “bacon”.

Human beings are happy to treat living things like property if it’s to their benefit. Even if that benefit is just cheap meat.

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@ragingloli Then do bacteria realize they’re immortal?

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I would synthesize this said hormone to bring immortality to puppies and isolate a gene that would cause full grown puppies to eat any human over 100 years old. This planet cannot possibly support immortal humans and we have to make sure only cockapoodles live forever.

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Hell, we would all do it. And we would raise puppies in huge puppy mills that look and smelled like cattle feed lots.

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As a species, we are probably immortal, We evolve, every generation contibutes something to the species and we evolve. For instanse my generation contributed disco music.

If I had to pick a species to be immortal… I would pick butterflys.

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Sometimes it’s just so hard to hold one’s keyboard (read tongue).

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@herculies “As a species, we are probably immortal, We evolve, every generation contibutes something to the species and we evolve. For instanse my generation contributed disco music.”


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