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Cabbies in Sacremento are being asked to shower and dress this unfair or insulting to the cabbies?

Asked by Cruiser (40421points) March 19th, 2014

The city is considering putting stricter rules in place for Sacramento taxi drivers including:
•Making sure vehicles are no more than 8 years old,
•A dress code of a collared shirt and slacks,
•Making it mandatory for all taxis to accept credit cards,
•and a new policy requiring drivers to be hygienically clean.

“That’s very insulting for me, and for all drivers,” Mahmoud said, calling the last requirement unnecessary.

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I used to be a cabbie. I have ridden in several cabs driven by someone else. The rule is not only a good one, many of us would be grateful if it catches on all over the world. Some of the people I knew when I drove, I wished had been approached by the company.

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The rules more or less “make sense” ... for the owner of the taxi cab company to make, if he wants to, or for individual drivers who may pool together and share a medallion.

But it is arrant nonsense that the city council needs to pass such laws and guidelines. This is another example of swatting flies with a hammer.

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Some cab drivers are sloppy and nasty, if it’s a company policy, I see nothing wrong with it, lots of companies have those.

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I’m glad . It won’t kill them but I’ve smelled underarm odor that almost killed me.

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@KNOWITALL I will bet you some driver will play the religious freedom card as I do know many Indian people do not believe in using artificial deodorants. Also I remember quite vividly the conversation I had with the son of the home in Germany I was staying as an exchange student who took me aside to tell me how mad his parents were at me for showering everyday as water was apparently very expensive over there which then explained to me the reason for generally odorous BO and penchant for using cologne and lots of it.

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@Cruiser Communication is the key to understaning. :) Gosh I bet you were mortified over the shower thing, how embarassing.

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@KNOWITALL I was more mortified to then realize nobody usually showered there but once a week.

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Hmmm, can they refuse to pick up any passengers that are not also abiding by the hygienic standard? The cab company would lose money on the night crowd, for sure.

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One slightly disgruntled cabbie’s immediate reaction.

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Heh…go figure, I live 40 miles out of Sacramento and hadn’t heard anything of this. lol
Sure….why not, scruffy cab driver stereotypes, as all stereotypes come from somewhere.
Why shouldn’t they have a clean, professional appearance? Limo drivers have a dress code and for may city people taking cabs to classy upscale events such as plays, fine dining, art shows etc. expect their driver to not look like a wino that slept in the gutter all night? haha

We’re not talking suits and ties here, but a nice dress shirt and nice jeans, slacks/ khakis, dockers….not that hard to do.

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Perhaps Mahmoud should be driving a garbage truck.

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Mahmoud who drove a cab I once rode in should be driven over by a garbage truck. I swear that was his name, and the cheating bastard tried all kind of BS to cheat me. I sat there in his front seat and called dispatch n my cell. He started shouting, “All right all right go, here, take two dollars back!” He threw money at me as I left his cab and took off in a hurry.

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