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what is a quick and tasty veggie meal i can make for my family tonight?

Asked by nomtastic (974points) November 10th, 2006
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Stir fry.
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Onion, garlic, ginger, hoisin sauce, and then reduce a whole head of collard greens.
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Or kale.
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if you eat eggs, nothing is quicker or more satisfying, you can put eggs in the food processor with some chesse and herbs, blend it up and bake or about 40 minutes, for a delicious souffle like dinner, that's painfully easy
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this time of year, there's nothing better than butternut squash soup. It's ridiculously easy, but it does take 40 min for the squash to cook.
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cut the squash in half, scoop out the seeds, and put it face down on glass tray sprayed with low-fat cooking oil. cook for about 40 min. once it's soft, scoop out the squash (throw away the skin) and puree it in the food processor with some veggie broth. Add salt and pepper and you're good to go. Delicious, and everyone will think you slaved away for hours.
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Or--buy a pre-made pie crust or quiche crust from safeway, throw in some veggies and cheese and three beaten eggs, and cook for 20 minutes and you will have amazing quiche.
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eggplant parmesan
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Saut? sliced onion in little olive oil until translucent, add several cans white beans (drained), veggie or chicken broth, heat up, snip in some slivers of escarole. Season w. cumin and curry or some sherry or Madeira. Can pur?e or mash or just eat as is..
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My favorite is Gazpacho soup.
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get morningstar brand crumbles from your supermarket.. use 3/4 of a bag per jar of tomato sauce (marinara or whatever you like)... combine... and then use as a sauce over pasta. yum.
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French green beans sauteed in high quality olive oil with kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, shallots or onions, slivered garlic and almonds. Also zucchini and yellow squash cut into planks, tossed with kosher salt, freshly ground pepper, slivered garlic and grilled, then lightly drizzled with a good balsamic vinegar.
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Morningstar Grillers crumbles, tomato sauce, sauteed veggies (onions, mushrooms, peppers), cheddar, oregano, basil--CHILI!
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Tacos: Ingredients = tofu or fish for the protein, onions, tomatoes (organic out of a can if you're in a hurry) bagged greens, fresh cilantro, black beans etc. Put corn tortillas down on heated skillet. Melt cheese and whatever protein you chose. In the 5 minutes that takes to cook, open the cans--then assemble. These cheap, fast, healthy and easy meals got me through grad school. I usually keep a supply of the ingredients on hand just in case.
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- Baked or mashed potatoes.
Mashed cauliflower, to imitate mashed potatoes in a healthier and equally delicious way.
– A mix of corn, green peas, and diced carrots, with butter and pepper.

I have pretty simple tastes, but I really do like all of those

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