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What's the point of even having a stereo unless you have a house in the woods?

Asked by Blackberry (31923points) March 19th, 2014

You can’t really party hard unless you go to a concert or other public venue where loud music is permitted.

If I want to have my own jam session with my own playlist, then I’m screwed unless I go drive on the highway.

I feel artistically and aerobically oppressed.

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^^Then let’s rephrase this question to “What’s the point of even having a stereo unless you either have a house in the woods or want to go deaf?

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Headphones aren’t the same and you know it :P

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A pair of kick-ass headphones beat anything.

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Reserve it for the weekend? I’m sure it’s not illegal to, “party” on the weekends especially during the day time.

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I live in a suburb and blast away without bothering the neighbors. At least, I do when my wife is out. She’s the one I have to worry about.
What’s the point of even having a stereo if you are married? I know, right?

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Yeah I know, just thought i’d be awkward for the sake of it.
Even if you did live in the woods you’d probably get done for noise pollution, scaring bears & shit.

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@pleiades Oh my god, you’re a genius. :)

Edit: The way the guy talks in the video is hilarious.

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What’s the point of having a stereo when it’s not the 90s anymore? Get an iPod.

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In my suburbia we can blast away until 10pm, after that it’s considered noise pollution if someone complains. I say blast away and enjoy!

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Did you get into trouble for playing music too loud?

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Not a problem around here, I turn that bitch up to 11, if only to drown out the police helicopters :D

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@ucme I thought your town looked so peaceful, sounds like South Central,,,lol

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I commend you for your consideration of your neighbors. While headphones are the preferred method of consuming music that allows you to enjoy your music while your neighbors can enjoy their audio space, there are options if you need to play your music through speakers, as @pleiades mentions. Musicians I know generally keep to a basement and install sound-proofing as well.

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@KNOWITALL I was just fooling around, it’s good for morale :)

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One of my favorite perks of living in the country is being able to play music as loud as you want to.

I’m with you that headphones just aren’t the same. During the summer we hook the iPod to the stereo, run the speakers outside and jam.

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Love of classical music.

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Lord! If I had a cabin deep in the woods I wouldn’t want a stereo. Rustling leaves and bird chatter would be my music.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me A pair of Klipsch speakers the only way to go. You will throw out any headphones you own if you had those bad boys!

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@Pachy – Exactly! I learned the hard way that the “country” can be more littered with noise and air pollution (at least here in Massachusetts).

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I still have a boombox (GASP!) and I occasionally throw it on my shoulder, turn it on and up, and go for a walk, just to see the looks on the faces of the brats of this generation.

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I run a pair of Vacuum Tube Logic mono blocks driving a pair of Silverline Audio Sonata III loudspeakers to concert levels and my neighbors never complain.

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@Blackberry come on over. I’ll grab a case of beer and my neighbors are 1500 feet away. Crank up what ever you want.

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@1TubeGuru You have made all your neighbors permanently deaf with those mono blocks and Sonata III’s and I would not expect any complaints from them ever. Impressive rig…I am jealous!

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Guys, the headphones answer was tongue in cheek…chill

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If a stereo plays in the woods, is there a noise?

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@ucme I can’t hear you…I am wearing earplugs to protect my hearing from @1TubeGuru‘s stereo cranked to 11.

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@Cruiser Quit whispering, that’s for girls :)

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@ucme WHAT??? Speak up!!

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Ugh! Sore point for me. I played music one Sunday at about 4pm and my neighbour went ape-sh*t at my door. She called me a disgrace amongst other things.

The really sad part is, it was meditation music (like, whatever!).

I just feel like the life part of my life died when I moved here. No music no bugger all. (I do adore dance and chill, buddha bar, meditation and even rave). To me, music with base is in my blood!

I believe sound mats help a bit?

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@Cruiser Spray that again

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@LornaLove Maybe you should have kicked her ass. That would relieve any stress and then you wouldn’t need the meditation music. Win-win.

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@jca Yes lol. I was on the nightshift so I was home around 1–2PM. I’m on the third floor. I actually went to knock on the apartments of the person below and next to me to see if they were home. After no answer I assumed I was good to go. Apparently I underestimated the power of my stereo because the guy on the first floor heard it :/

I went to apologise though and he was totally understanding.

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I’m woith @Pachy

How I miss my little Walden Pond zone. Tree frogs chirpping on hot summer nights, owls hooting, coyotes whooping, crickets humming. sigh

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