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Does your pet do anything weird?

Asked by GloPro (8384points) March 20th, 2014 from iPhone

This clip of an English Bulldog puppy that likes to roll down hills is so silly.

Does your pet have any weird habits?

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I had a BC that would run over to a particular tree and stare up into it for several minutes each time she went outside. She used to scratch and gnaw the bark off the tree until we put chicken wire around the trunk to try to protect it.

I knew why she did it. It is that OCD thing that Border Collies are known for. Once, when she was younger, she chase a squirrel up into that tree and never saw it come down so I am certain she was convinced that it was still up there even many years later.

Funny thing is that she treed many a squirrel in her life but that was the only one she obsessed over.

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There was a cat that my parents had that used to like to sleep in boxes that didn’t fit her whole body. It was a funny sight to see her flab hanging out the sides. I guess this is pretty common, though.
That video is adorable! I love when she stops rolling and then scrambles to get herself going again.

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MIlo enjoys hiding in places that provide protective coloration, making it hard to find him. When searching, I have often walked right by and had to double back.

1) Here

2) Here

3) Here

4) Here

5) and Here

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The filing cabinet is great, @gailcalled.

I had a 110 pound rottie that was the sweetest, most mellow girl. I used to take her to a hole-in-the-wall pool hall. She was just tall enough to see level with the tables. When I would hit the cue ball, she would hop like a rabbit down the entire length of the table to watch the ball. It was hilarious.

My dad had a pet goat that would stand underneath the basketball goal and butt the ball back to him.

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I had two goldens, a male and a female. When we played frisbie sometimes I’d throw it too far and it would go beyond the mowed lawn and into the high grass. The male would always run full tilt into the high grass. It would tangle up his legs and he would flip end over end multiple times. And he never learned. I had to mow the grass further or he was going to get hurt. He was always like a bull in a china shop.

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Corrected link for 2) above

It makes the jokes about Milo in camouflage make more sense. This one took me several passes to locate him.

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@GloPro That’s just a fun clip to watch. We used to do that as kids. Get on a hillside, tuck in your arms and let it roll. Thanks.

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Edit: MIstaken link on #2 above, ruining my visual jokes.

Corrected link for Milo in camouflage

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My greyhound sticks his tongue out of the side of his mouth. When he does it when he is asleep, he looks dead. I have always thought if I could get him to do it on command, I could make a mint.

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My 17 lb. Ragdoll cat “Myles” has recently started this new thing where he follows me in the bathroom and sits between my legs while I am on the toilet demanding chin scratchies. lol
Dead of night I get up to use the bathroom and I hear his loud “thump” as he jumps off the bed or his cat tower and follows me into the loo.
Cats…always morphing into some new and wacky behavior.

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Not since she died, no :(

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My rabbit seems to know that the dog is not allowed upstairs and he will run up the stairs and stick his head through the banisters and neener the dog.

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My cat likes to stare at light bulbs and to chase her own tail – especially on high, small surfaces she can easily fall off of (and it’s happened more than once).

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If you’re a “Curb Your Enthusiasm” fan, you’ve seen Larry do funny stare-offs with people. My cat does the same thing when he’s hungry and I’m trying to ignore him. He jumps into my lap and searches my eyes, like a person does when he or she is trying to figure out what you’re thinking. It’s a little bit creepy, but it always makes me laugh.

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If you point your finger at my female terrier, she smiles/ snarls really fiercely. It’s hilarious!

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Our last cat/dog pair had an odd relationship. The cat was an adopted stray, a real street tough. The dog was an ancient sheltie. The cat generally played nice with the dog, giving her the occasional goodwill bump. But every now and then, without any provocation, the cat would come up to the dog from the side and shove her hard with both front paws. The dog was unsteady enough on her feet that she would just topple over. I think the cat just got a big kick out of dog-tipping.

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My cat eats toilet paper. He sits on the toilet and gets the first sheet in his mouth, and then just chomps and pulls while the toilet paper unwinds.

He also eats dryer lint. One day he was begging at my feet while I emptied the dryer lint trap. A little fluff of lint flew down to the floor, and he ran over to it, ate it, and then begged for more. Now every time anyone is drying clothes, he is in there, begging for a piece of lint.

Then, just a few days ago, I caught him on my bathroom counter, licking the soap. What is wrong with this crazy cat?

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My daughter had a hamster which liked to play a kind of peekaboo hide and seek. She would squeek, and when we turned to see, she would jump into her coffee cup. I put it in there so she could have a bit of privacy sometimes.
Once she jumped in, all hunkered down, we would moan,“Where’s Gigi? Oh, she’s gone!” After mourning our loss loudly for a minute or so, she’d pop up and peek. We’d exclaim joyfully, “There she is!” She’d jump out, run a tunnel or two, then do it all again.
Stupid hamster had a knack for escape, but everytime she got out of her cage, she came looking for me. One time i woke up, and there she was, sitting up on my tummy.

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My office cat likes to walk in front of computer screens and when she does she slows down, sometimes to a stop right in front of where you are trying to work. She KNOWS she will get swatted in the butt but even knowing this will do it several times a day. I wonder if she is not “special” sometimes, other times I am sure she is just a bitch.

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@rojo not a bitch… A typical feline

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Nope, OC is a bitch and she knows and enjoys her role to the fullest.

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@thorninmud: A dog/cat pair similar to yours. Note the gravitas of the cat and how he dispatches the whackadoodle dog at 1:50 with one well-placed boop.

Milo. making it impossible for me to get out of a king-sized bed. I am occupying only about a third of it. Notice his choice of a parking space.

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So @gailcalled when Milo sleeps around, he sleeps AROUND!

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When I was a teen my family owned a dog which was absolutely, POSITIVELY NUTS! When we first got this little terrier mix, he was sweet, quiet. His head was too big, and when he tried to drink, his hind feet would float up, like the poor little dog Grinch tied antlers to. As he got older, all sorts of personality came along. My little brothe had a batch of friends he would get together to play football with each weekend. They played some sort of every man for himself game. Our dog would run up behindc the guy with the bal, jump, SPRING off his back, knocking him down, pick up the ball and run to goal. Sometimes when the kid fell the ball would fly, and somebody else would get to it first. After he won a few games, our dog dec ided it was to easy, so when he got the ball he would run away from the goal, turn to face the boys, drop the ball, and crouch his front end with his butt up in the air, tail wagging. As soon as someone would get near him he would take OFF, running impossibly tight curves and zig zags to make the goal. They would play until all the boys would collapse on their backs and the dog would run back and forth across their bellies with a wide smile on his face.
There are lots more stories this crazy dog lived. I’ll share more as I remember them.

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