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How do you want your eulogy to go?

Asked by reijinni (6846points) March 20th, 2014

Do you want your achievements listed? Your pastimes? your loves?
This is the chance to come up with your own eulogy.

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No eulogy. No funeral. No memorial service. No obituary or death notice, not online or printed in newspapers.

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Well, since I plan to donate my body to BodyWorlds I’ll be standing right up front.

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Nothing. Let the fires speak of me as I ascend unto Valhalla.

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Swimmingly, but only if I drowned #irony #deadcalm

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“Here lies stanleybmanly, who once swore that if he couldn’t take it with him, he wasn’t going”

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Same as @SadieMartinPaul, nada, zilch, one day I’ll just disappear and that is utterly acceptable to me.
I never understood the American infatuation with burials and funerals and viewings. My family has had celebrations of life the last couple send-off’s, even that was too much.

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“Here lies Skaggfacemutt, age 105. Only the good die young.”

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To everyone who bothered,

Fuck off, you’re wasting time,

Go live your ephemeral existence,

And stop interrupting my nap.

To the drunk sleeping on my grave,

Pass the bottle,

Spill me a few drops,

And hum a few lines from Piano Man.

To whatever animal pisses on my grave,

This is some sort of karma ain’t it?

Too bad, I’m dead and don’t care,

And I’m not sorry.

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@Winter_Pariah Best fuckin epitaph ever.

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As I just wrote and delivered my father-in-law’s eulogy last month, I would like the same consideration I gave to his… write about what I meant to you or what you admired about me. To hell with my “accomplishments” or my biography — no one cares. If you’re asked to write it, make it personal, or simply decline.

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My life story and what people really thought about me… An eulogy as if I was their listening in into what people really known about my secrets. And no Christian music and no “amazing grace” please.

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“He was such a nice guy and… OMFG, he’s moving!”

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@bob_ Lol that was awesome.

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Life is full of misery, loneliness and suffering – and it’s all over much too soon. Woody Allen.

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