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The last thing you discovered that was stolen from you was what?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 20th, 2014

Something came up missing and you know it was not misplaced or maybe there was even a telltale sign you were ripped off, a broken lock or car window, etc. or you laid something down, then went you went to pick it up, someone had snuck it away right under you. That item you know beyond all shadow of doubt that was stolen from you was what?

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I don’t recall anything being stolen from me, no wait, this fucking fat spotty kid at school buggered off with my dish of beef stew from cookery class.
I chased the bastard down just as he was boarding the bus home, grabbed my grub & punched him on the nose for his impudence.

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The neighbor kid stole our shovel out of the garage. My hubs was seriously irritated.

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A folding lug wrench and one of those pocket multi tools that my dad bought for me. Stolen out of my truck as it sat on my car port next to the back door! Didn’t know they were gone until I needed to rotate my tires and found the wrench missing. Glad I wasn’t out on the road somewhere!

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I finished a repair job and drove to my office to get my messages. I ran in, got my messages and then decided to go to get some lunch. I get in my truck and see glass on the floor on the passenger side and right away knew someone had broken into my car. I check the glove box and my wallet is there and on the floor is my expensive SLR camera…my beeper (didn’t have cell phones at that time) I looked in the back of the truck and nothing was missing that I could see. I was only inside for a couple minutes so I figured they ran off seeing me come back so soon. So I drove to get a sandwich and when I got back to the office this lady comes up to me and says “I saw a man take your suitcase” I am like “suitcase what suitcase? This is my work truck there is no suitcase?!?

Then she says….“Your red suitcase!” And then it dawned on me and ran into the truck and sure enough my $1,100 Hilte Hammer Drill was missing and it comes in a big red suitcase like tool box. That one stung me good and was the second one I had stolen from me! There on out I chained it up to the roll bar in the back.

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my BMX bike when I was 9.

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@Cruiser Ouch, I know how you feel, you can’t take your eye off anything for a minute without some vermin poaching your stuff.

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I had a cool water proof camera that I brought with me when I went to Belize. The person I was living with turned into a crack head, stole the camera and some other small stuff from my room and then probably sold it for more crack.

I once went to an all day concert mini fest thing. At the time I was driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee, the back didn’t lock all that well and if you fucked with it a bit you could pop the door open. Well I got back to my vehicle after the concert and notice everything thrown around in there. Fuck…. I had my iPod, GPS, nice speakers, as well as my wallet that I left in there so it’d be “safe”. So my mind was racing at the thought that was all gone. The odd thing was that my back seats had been folded down and the blanket I had in the back was laid out. None of my stuff was missing. Someone broke into my car to have sex….. -_ – .

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My youth.

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Our car was stolen one time and the boot (trunk!) was full of my partner’s wargaming gear, a couple of painted armies and several rule-books, all worth about £750. The car was found and returned to us but all the gaming stuff was gone. That probably ended up getting sold piecemeal on ebay. There were also two coats in the car; one cheap but trendy looking, one expensive but “anorak-y”. They stole the cheap one and left the expensive one.

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I moved from a house I lived in for 3 years last October. I packed up all of my things in boxes and had two stashes of boxes piled up in the house.
My asshole landlord/roommate ransacked ALL of my packed boxes and stole whatever he deemed his. We’re talking pillows, an extension cord, one Pyrex dish in a set I had (not the lid, just the dish), tools from my toolbox, hangers. Piddley random crap. Then he locked it all up in his bedroom and left town for the last three days I lived there.
It wasn’t the stuff he stole that bugged me. I lived there 3 years, it’s entirely possible I accidentally packed the wrong extension cord or pillows. It was the fact that he violated my personal space by ransacking my belongings and taking whatever he wanted. He didn’t notice an extension cord or whatever was missing, he just went digging through my shit and took things when he saw them. Are you kidding me? That’s psycho. If he thought I packed things that belonged to him he should have asked me about them, like an adult. After 3 years it is entirely possible, right?
So I just moved my things to my new place and didn’t lift a finger to clean the place. Needless to say we aren’t friends anymore.

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