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Which characters that died in a movie/TV show or book did you wish had lived?

Asked by ucme (45422points) March 20th, 2014

I definitely asked this before, but it was a long time ago & lots of new meat arrived since, so here we go…again!

Anyone who died or was killed that made you go “aww, no way man”…or something similar.

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The lead hottie in 300.

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I hated seeing Redford and Newman die at the end of “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” but at least they did it in an artsy-fartsy freeze frame. And Tom Hanks’ demise in “Philadelphia,” which of course we knew was coming after the first 10 minutes of the movie, was still very, very sad.

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Mike Ehrmantraut (played by Jonathan Banks) on Breaking Bad.

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General Zod and his cronies from superman 2… that way superman can bring back the Kriptoinum race.

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The house elf Dobby from Harry Potter.

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The Captain from Hellsing

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Hoban Washburne

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Wash. Fuckin leaf on the wind he was

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Padme from Star Wars.

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Inspector Abberline from From Hell.

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Gatsby. He was so optimistic and full of hope. His death was sad in the book and in the movies. Robert Redford did a great job playing him, but Leonardo DiCaprio brought a whole new edge to the character.

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Annican Skywalkers mother… I would have killed all the sand people too if they hurt my mom.

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I loved that dog!

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Dumbledore. I could not believe it.

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@Darth_Algar Same. He was one of my favorite characters for sure. If ya haven’t seen it, check out this interview it’s quite funny.

@talljasperman Anakin. (Sorry, the nerd side of my brain wouldn’t allow that typo to stand.)

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Anakin Skywalkers mother.

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Wash, Hedwig, Dobby, Pris, and Alex (Big Chill).

@talljasperman Keep in mind that Anakin’s Mom was kidnapped and tortured to death under the instructions or influence of the Emperor.

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@talljasperman Ha… for most of the ones you mentioned, the plot would have been completely different if they had lived. I feel sad about those characters too, though.

Seconding/ thirding/ fourthing Wash. It’s literally the only time I’ve cried over a fictional character.

But I also wish Ned Stark, the Disreputable Dog, Sybil Crawley, and Tasha Yar had lived. And all those anonymous storm troopers on the Death Star. It was probably just another day at work for them. I kind of picture their daily lives being like the movie Office Space… in space.

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Jiraiya. What a hero. Takes out two of Pain all by himself, and saves Konohagakure by writing a code on the back of Grampy Frog.

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Private Hudson
Private Vasquez

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I liked the movie American History X. But I thought the ending was so fucking lame. Pisses me off that the Danny died at the end. The movie is trying to portray this message about modern racism and how it sucks and shit, and just when the young skinhead discovers that all this Nazi shit is bullshit and decides to change his life with the help of his older brother, he gets killed by the black kid that he pissed off.
So you got this movie about racism that tries to tell you that it’s wrong and everything, and that stereotypes don’t mean dick, yet the end is some black guys smoking dope in a car, listening to rap then and shooting someone. I just couldn’t believe it. They end the movie tragically with a stupid ass portrayal of black youth. It’s like, at that point, the movie let me down.

Or maybe I just didn’t understand anything, flaming welcome. :) So white nazi kids can reform, but black gangbangers can’t? Doesn’t that black kid have a story? I understand that movie aimed at what truly goes on with this kind of stuff…but if it was accurate, the black guys would have NEVER lost a basketball game to a buncha neo nazis haha.

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Marcus Cole, in Babylon 5. I was like… NOOOOOOO!

(and adding yet another vote for Wash, and Tasha Yar).

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Opie from Sons of Anarchy.
Half of the cast of The Walking Dead (they’re all gonna die)
Thomas J. in My Girl

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I liked Opie as well, but honestly, I think they had taken the character about as far as they could have in the direction they took him, with no real way of going back. There’s no way he could have ever trusted or felt comfortable in the MC again, so I think giving him an honorable send-off was about the best thing they could do for the character rather than just having him disappear off-screen.

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Hedwig and Dobby in the Harry Potter series.
Marcus from Babylon 5.
Herschel and Sophia from The Walking Dead. If they kill off Darryl or Michon, I might stop watching.

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