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What makes you lose faith in humanity?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) March 21st, 2014

What do you think ends up restoring it?

Thank you very much.

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An action that an individual decided to take to harm me when I was a child set me on the path of losing my faith and hope in humanity. However, it was ultimately my own actions from there on out that led me to lose complete faith in humanity (and God on the side). As for restoring that faith in humanity as a whole, I prefer that it is not restored. I feel like my eyes were opened up a lot once I lost that faith.

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The fact that mankind can be defined by its most abhorrent qualities; war, strife and gain. There’s too much of that going on for me to think it merely a by product of our nature which can be fixed. It cannot.

However, this little guy at least manages to partially restore my hope and faith, as illusionary and ephemeral it may be. Also, zombie movies. And Vikings.

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And pillows.

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They are many reasons in the world to throw up your hands and say game over man but for every one of them…there are a hundred million more reasons to say the world is full of decent hardworking people willing to lend a hand to help out.

If some asshat makes the news with some F’d up event he initiated I simple remember my days as a scout leader and all those boys eager to learn and do a “good turn daily”.

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So many people hurt each other for no reason, that’s what gets me down. You can molest a child, beat a dog, rape an 80 yr old woman who’s fragile and break her hip, etc…

Or you can help your community, be a Big Brother or Big Sister, volunteer at your local no-kill shelter, read to nursing home patients, or take packaged snacks to the chemo wards, etc…

WE make the choices of how our lives will be, and that’s what gives me hope, that with all the freaks and losers and sicko’s, there are still a lot of good peole in the world to give us all hope for the future. Peace.

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Abused, neglected children whose one request in life is to be loved.

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There are just so many people who can’t be trusted and/or who are not reliable.

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Everything I want to say.
Plus, he’s adorably awkward.

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They made Dr. Melfi say “No.”

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i have a pretty realistic take on ‘humanity’

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I am pretty optimistic about humanity in general, but I can’t understand why or how people could abuse animals or other people (children, the elderly, etc.).

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The continued reproduction of morons. lol
Yesterday I witnessed this couple, maybe in their early 20’s, walking along a busy street with a little, maybe, 2 yr. girl toddling along behind them. The toddler was very uncoordinated and was bobbling along inches from the street while these fucktards strolled along about 6 feet in front of her, occasionally glancing over their shoulders as if they were watching a dog following them.

I was LIVID! This little girl could have stumbled into the busy street at any second.
I rarely engage with idiots but, as I sat at the stop sign watching this travesty unfold before my eyes, I couldn’t stand it any longer.
I rolled down my window and shouted ” You need to be HOLDING on to your child!!”

Of course they they both started cursing me and then waving, sarcastically..” bye bye.”
I swear. Pathetic and sad.

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The extreme greed I see all too often in America.

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