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What would you drown quicker in?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26783points) March 21st, 2014

Would you drown quicker in a vat of honey, a vat of syrup just to simplify, we will say maple, a cesspool, tank full of latex paint, or a large tank of used motor oil?

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You really wouldn’t drown in any of those liquids Hypocrisy. Like the Dead Sea, the density is just too great. You’d float.

I suppose the least dense fluid would be the most dangerous one, and that would have to be the maple syrup, as its mostly water.

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^ You can float in a cesspool, is that before or after you are dead?

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Singing…Save my life I’m going down for the last time…”
@NanoNano is our latest and greatest bright star to zing in form the edges of space, and is correct. However, for the sake of levity, I’ll take the syrup over paint and motor oil. Both of which would kill you by toxic absorbtion via skin pores, unless netted and washed in Dawn dishwashing liquid by a marine biologist. lol

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“However, for the sake of levity, I’ll take the syrup over paint and motor oil.”

Me too, and toss me a buttermilk-pancake life-preserver.

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Maple syrup… I say that only because my grandfather used to tap trees and would boil make his own syrup in a huge vat. It involved heat I remember, scalding syrup simmering or boiling sounds painful enough that getting out, once in would require great effort.

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Being submerged in those substances they would all equally disrupt your airflow and ability to breathe and cause to die of asphyxiation assuming temperatures were equal.

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Motor oil, you would sink in it worse because it’s lighter than a person who is mostly water.

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