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How many reincarnations does the Dalai Lama have to go through before he gets the power to shoot lightning out of his hands like a Jedi/Sith?

Asked by talljasperman (21739points) March 21st, 2014

You would think that after 15 reincarnations that the Dalai Lama would have some funky powers? Also why is he not teased as if any other religion declared that their leader was reborn?

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The reason why no matter what Dali lama they have they all die and have no power is kinda telling, wouldn’t you think?

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@Hypocrisy_Central is right. The fact that the Dalai Lama dies is proof that Jesus reigns supreme. Jesus is still alive. Every Dalai Lama is in hell for not accepting Him.

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Jedi use lighting, that’s a darkside power. I’m really showing myself to be a bit of a SW nerd aren’t I? lol

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Once ones reincarnations have met their Karmic destiny one simply evaporates into the white light. No light sabres needed, no hands to shoot them from. lol

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@bolwerk Heaven and Hell are for Christians. Because he is not, he is not worried that he will end up in Hell. Any God that will condemn a Holy Man as virtuous as the Dalai Lama to Hell should be reconsidered. He gives 350 million people worldwide hope. That’s pretty admirable.

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Well, they needed 6 or 7 just to become Steven Seagal, so it would probably be about 100.

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@filmfann I thought 100 was Chuck Norris status.

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Messengers are not divine beings, so the Dalai Lama is no more likely to shoot lightning bolts than the Pope. Besides, the Dalai Lama’s reincarnations are not steps in an evolution towards ultimate power; they are more like driving a car until it falls apart, then getting a new car. It’s just the same being changing the way they get around after the old way they used to get around breaks down.

As for why he isn’t teased the way other’s are, I don’t know of anybody killing in the name of the Dalai Lama. (In fact, he has said, “Really, killing people in the name of religion is unthinkable, very sad.”) He is not pretentious, nor are his followers overbearing the way those who follow other “reborn” leaders have a reputation of being. In short, he just hasn’t made people mad at him. In fact, just about everybody aside from the Chinese government loves him.

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egh and I’m showing myself to be drunk. “Jedi don’t use lighting….”

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He has all those powers, and more.
He merely chose not to use them.

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I have that power NOW… except I shoot lightning out of my ass.

Not the best power to have when you’re fighting bad guys.

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@herculies I can do that, too. All I need is a Zippo.

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@uberbatman “egh and I’m showing myself to be drunk. “Jedi don’t use lighting….””

If I’m not mistaken Luke Skywalker did, in fact, use lightning.

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One more. Hang around for it. It will be cool.

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Luke walked close enough to the edge between the Light and Dark sides that I wouldn’t be surprised if he did some Sith things in addition to his Jedi tricks.

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@Darth_Algar I think you may be mistaken… this is the closest reference I can find to him using lighting, maybe, but it’s also different than normal force lightning. The only other thing I can think of was his ability to absorb lightning and redirect it, still not the same as manifesting it.There may be something I’m forgetting though.

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@GloPro I like to flick my bic.

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I could swear I recall reading it somewhere once, but honestly I don’t really care enough to try to look it up (I’ve kinda been over Star Wars for awhile).

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In the films, Yoda did use the lightning in his battle against the Emperor.

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@filmfann no, what Yoda does is like what I said above, catching and redirecting the lightning

“Force lightning could also be absorbed and redirected by a Jedi of sufficient skill; Yoda demonstrated this ability by both deflecting and absorbing the dark power during battles with Count Dooku and Emperor Palpatine, using nothing more than his own two hands.[18] ...Luke Skywalker attempted this, and succeeded for a short amount of time, before the Emperor’s attack overwhelmed him…..”

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