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Are there/Should there be Lurve penalties?

Asked by jballou (2128points) July 1st, 2008

should they include the option to bury an answer (like Digg or YouTube) and should it cost you some lurve if it happens to you? Would this curb some of the more asinine answers people leave from time to time?

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The only problem is people would penalize an answer they disagree with even if it is well though out and interesting.

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No, I think lurve itself needs to be one directional. There should be another rating entirely, one that represents “not lurve” which could be dugg or buried due to above problem (stated by Stocky).

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Point punishment seems, well, pointless to me.

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Flagging a answer already takes care of that. Stupid shit gets deleted by a mod. Digg and YouTube are huge and it would be impossible to have a moderator look over every comment on those sites. The current system works well.

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I just think the answer should be re-prioritized (sorted higher) based on the amount of positive feedback.

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I think Spargett has an interesting point. Albeit, the only problem with that, may be the chronology of the answers being messed up. Often times, it’s good to see follow up answers, or sub-answers, to peoples’ comments.

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A “middle-path” solution could be to have a certain amount of those with the highest Lurve (which probably means those with the most frequent visits to the site) sort out the nastiest comments.

On the other hand, I don’t think high Lurve-score necessarily translate to perfect judgement when it comes to removing or hiding comments.

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I have a high score and I can say that I should never be able to delete comments.

Shit, I broke the chat room the other night. I fuck up everything I touch.

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I wouldn’t like to have the answers removed from the context of other answers as there is sometimes back-and-forth.

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It would end up like digg if fluther had point penalties.

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It wouldn’t be good. Why I like this place better than digg is that you can’t be buried here however lame the post was.

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There are always jerks. However, comparatively few on this site. (read: YouTube comments… which is the worst I’ve ever seen. That place has definitely become #1 therapy whiteboard for mental wrecks to express themselves.)

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I fixed chat before. Yay! (JP doesn’t fuck up everything he touches.) it would be neat to have color of a post change because of the quality, without reordering. Keep it all cool colors, of course, though.

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Pink for girl posts and navy-blue for male ones. Likewise, light pink/navy-blue for older users and more saturated for younger ones. (edit: joke.)

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An ‘agree’ or ‘disagree’ system would be informative without being judgemental.

Not that I’m thin skinned about criticism but Fluther seems to be somewhat.

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