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How would you react if you confessed in front of a guy who rejected your proposal?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 23rd, 2014

I mean, would you stop speaking altogether or give it a break of sometime…..
Actually, there’s a guy I have been knowing since the past 6 years and I recently expressed my love toward him that he rejected. But otherwise, he had been a good friend. We used to have deeper talks on philosophy and other mystic things that the two of us loved. Other than that, he was also my mom’s student in high school, so he shares a good relation with my mom.
What according to you should I do ??? Should I become completely silent and wait for him to initiate any conversation or send him a light and pleasant e-mail saying hello to start speaking?? Or maybe, sending him a mail saying sorry as to what I had said. Or else, explaining him that he has and will always remain in my heart and that I am strong enough to live without him but I would like to stay good friends forever.
Do you think a guy would try to initiate talking after this episode?

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