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Suppose for just a second that missing flight MH370 is a lead in for some over the top reality show?

Asked by SQUEEKY2 (12798points) March 23rd, 2014

I know it is just a slight hope that maybe those people will turn up alive, but what a reality show, they already have the world glued our seats, as to what happens next in this mystery ?

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Don’t worry Squeeks. Its not gonna happen.

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Oh I know, just wish a happy ending for this mystery but I know that aint going to happen.

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I am impressed by the way you think of ending disasters in a happy state. ;)

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LOST: the reality.

I will believe it if everyone on the plane was ridiculously good looking.

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That would be plane stupid…great idea for the title.

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I don’t care to speculate on the lies of more than 200 real people.

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An idea for a poster:

MH370: Death, Mystery, Lies and Suffering
– A tragic tale of lies and mystery is about to come to light.

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As long as it isn’t that wordy on the billboard…

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The movie will be called, Where In De Hell Dat Plane Gone, the pilot to be played by Stevie Wonder.

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