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Can anyone recommend a good vacuum cleaner?

Asked by philosopher (9145points) March 23rd, 2014

Consumer Reports is not saying anything is outstanding. Nothing last long. Most are too heavy.
My house is mostly tile and hard wood floors. We have area rugs.

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Unfortunately not, all the ones I have tried sucked.

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I love my little Miele, lightweight, converts to other uses easily, specifically meant for hardwood, other flooring and area rugs, but works just fine on low pile carpeting too.
I got it because it is lightweight and very efficient.

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Look at “Stick vacuums” mine is the featured one, the S 194 Quickstep. I love it!

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@Coloma: The one review said that it was fine but heavy. And it ain’t cheap. Does it come with a crevasse tool for under things and in thin cracks, like upholstery creases?

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@gailcalled Not heavy, at all, don’t know the exact poundage but it is very lightweight IMO. The handle comes apart and extends for small space cleaning, several different creative options in the manual. Not sure why it would be called heavy, it is very maneuverable, especially under beds, furniture, the vacuum head pivots to create great suction on an angle.
A little pricey but comes with a 7 yr. warranty, mine is 7 and still running strong.

Best little vac. I have ever had. Works great on hard surfaces and the pivot follows the curvature of the flooring corners very well.

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Ever consider a central vacuum system? All you have to move around the house is then a hose and attachments and it does boost the sale value of your home if you’re ever inclined to sell and generally has a much longer lifespan than other vacuums making it a worthwhile investment. Also you look at a more powerful vacuum when compared to most if not all traditional vacuums, as the motor is not confined to size convenient to portability.

And they’re generally quieter.

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@Coloma. 9 lbs. You’re right. Not very heavy and easily pro-rated if it has a long life. I have been looking (unsauccessfully) for a decent cordless handheld little guy, like the old Black and Decker dustbusters. All the new products are shit.

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@gailcalled I agree..I have never found a decent little dustbuster type of vac. All buck no suck. haha

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We have a slightly older model of this Kenmore Canister Vacuum. We had another Kenmore canister that we used for about 25 years, then we bought another one about 5 years ago because we liked it so much. I love it. It moves easily, has a retractable cord, hepa filters and a light that lets you know when the bag is full. Works great on both carpeting and hard surfaces and has hose attachments to get into crevices. This newer model seems especially good for picking up pet hair.

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I’d like to suggest the Dirt DevilĀ® FeatherliteĀ®. You can buy one for about $50. Very light. Very powerful. Very versatile. A neighbor put his out for trash pick up. I cleaned it up and it works as good as our Kirby Sentria (which is heavy as a tank and cost more that it is worth) and it didn’t cost me a dime. The down side is that there is no dirt collection bag so you have to go outside to empty it and you should wear a mask to protect against the dust.

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I’ve owned a couple of Miele canister vacuums. They work very well, and they’re relatively quiet and lightweight. When my last model “died” – I have a dog and cat, so I can’t expect them to last forever – I went back to the same Miele retailer.

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@SadieMartinPaul Yes, very quiet too!
I think they are a great choice!

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“Unfortunately not, all the ones I have tried sucked.”

I think that’s actually a positive attribute of a vacuum cleaner. ;-)

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I miss the old school Dustbusters. When I was growing up my grandparents had one that was an absolute workhorse. i bought a Dustbuster a couple years back and not only did the charge last all of two minutes but I wouldn’t count of the thing to pick up bread crumbs.

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^^ You were lucky.Two minutes was a gift.

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I got one of these:
Seems to work pretty well. Good ratings.

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