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Could Mars become "ripe" for life?

Asked by pleiades (6597points) March 23rd, 2014

Perhaps were a species designed to cultivate life within a multitude of terrains? Why else would be feel the need to explore, observer, process and learn?

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There are many theories about colonizing Mars, from practical, short-term ideas, like bio-habbitats we ship there, all the way to the idea of actually drilling into the polar caps to create a viable atmosphere (I also vaguely remember a theory about using some kind of fungus to make the atmosphere).h

So far, the widely accepted theory is that Mars can be colonized and even support an atmosphere (at least as of a year ago when I learned that). So, if that is the case, and we are willing to wait for the atmosphere to form, we could, in theory, call Mars a second Earth, in regards to living there.

I fully believe we are capable of colonizing other worlds, from forming atmospheres, to shooting “tuna-can-houses” to the surface. It’s just a matter of how much time and how much money we are willing to expend… For now.

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One of Jupiter’s moons, Europa, has long been considered the most likely to support life in the solar system.

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There isn’t much on Mars, if anything, that could sustain us, unless we import it all and make living bases, like in Total Recall lol.

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Mars is dead, no magnetic field. The atmosphere is basically gone but it once was there. If we could find a way to move europa out of jupiter orbit and into the habitable zone then we’ll have something

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Of course it could, it’s just extremely unlikely

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The process that you’re thinking about has been considered by biologists and others who study the possibility of life on other planets. Look up “terraforming”.

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Is there life on Mars?

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