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Is this dress suitable for a ladies evening formal & gentlemen black tie / formal dinner?

Asked by the_overthinker (1503points) March 23rd, 2014

Here’s the dress I would like to wear! Is it suitable for a navy mess dinner? Formal evening wear for ladies. It will be in April. The dress is 74% Polyester and 26% Spandex. Oh, different shoes will be worn if I wear this outfit.

Thanks in advance!

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I doubt it. It would be fine for a nice luncheon , though or dinner at most restaurants.

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Wow, check out the dazzling diamond ring on your finger :)

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@ucme , haha, it is a ruby. :P

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My thoughts (just my opinion): Something with no pattern or print. With covered shoulders. And maybe a tad longer, or at least not so poufy, so it hangs down more (I can’t tell how poufy or not it really is).

I say all that because of the occasion; it’s a nice dress, and you look great in it. And your boyfriend would be proud to be with you where that dress. So keep it! Just find something else for the mess dinner.

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@Aster , okay, thanks for your comment!

@zenvelo , thank you! I will look for something else to wear for this event. I do have more formal dresses (:

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Formal means floor length. I’m sorry, but the dress pictured is inappropriate.

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If there is a Caché in your area go there. You can find a nice dress suitable for a military formal for a decent price. Here’s an example that I think would be stunning with your features.

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@Hawaii_Jake; Just wanted to add, that I have attended a few of these mess dinners throughout the past three years and have seen some ridiculous and inappropriate dresses worn to some mess dinners. Many wear cocktail dresses which is not floor length. I think this might be because I live in a smaller city where it is more flexible and lenient regarding dress, but I am not sure. But thank you for your comment.

@GloPro – thanks for the suggestion, and the link :).

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I’d say no. However, I disagree that formal means floor length. Not in 2014, anyway. This dress (just an example, not necessarily a suggestion) is a formal dress and it’s knee length. The reason I don’t think your dress is suitable is because the pattern and style of the dress is very casual. You could wear it to plenty of places, but not a formal party. Stick to solid colors and keep any poofy or frilly details minimal.

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@livelaughlove21 ; Okay, thanks! I have many formal dresses. I was just eager to wear this dress. haha. I am awaiting better weather. It is still cold here.

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No. Formal wear means long dresses for ladies. There are some here.

If your budget does not allow for buying a dress, it is possible to rent formal wear.

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Lastly, I have deleted the image and have had enough responses to decide what I will wear to the event. Thank you all for your contribution~

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Awwww, I wanted to see. :^(

And, why the sarcasm?:
thank you all for your contribution~

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@cookieman ; haha, no sarcasm :). I really do appreciate the comments. I kind of already figured this dress isn’t appropriate for the occasion. I think I just needed people to tell me so.

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I agree with @livelaughlove21 that it is not necessary to limit yourself to a floor length dress to a Military formal. In 2014 there are a multitude of fashionable, classy dresses that are suitable for shorter women. Formal is not synonymous with floor length.

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@GloPro , I also agree. =)

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Formal is synonymous with not see-through, not showing the vag when you sit down, not slit up to your neck, not held together with safety pins, not showing nipples.
I also prefer not to show my tattoos, but that is a personal preference. It is also now supported by the military. Not to say I didn’t wish I were the kind of woman that looked retro-sexy and could pull off a half sleeve :-)

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Also, don’t go too low with the cleavage, runs the risk of the sailorboys choking on their dumplings.

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