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Does having a large debt reduce the worlds military readiness against Russia?

Asked by talljasperman (21875points) March 23rd, 2014

Is the world headed into world war III over Russia and Crimea while being economically disadvantaged?

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We’ve already got the largest military in the world and spend more than the next several countries combined on our military, so no. As far as WWIII – no. Crimea’s not that valuable to anyone but Russia. The next World War will be over dwindling resources.

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That was the whole point.

Intelligent people love that Russia integrated their economy with the rest of the worlds, because they understood that once Russia became engaged in capitalism, America could bitch slap them whenever we wanted to.

Republicans and other small thinkers want to respond harshly to Russia’s actions, and are worried about our debt because they don’t understand how economics work. If I owe China money, and decide not to pay China back, they go broke. I am free of debt.

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Except for one small thing.
China holds the bulk of the West’s capitalist factories, and due to their proximity, they can force a shutdown in Taiwan and Singapore, too.
China can easily shut down the entire consumer market in the West.

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@ragingloli That was my understanding of it as well, thing is, would they ever actually do such a move?

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Um. China shuts down their factories. Boo Hoo. Americans have to hire Americans to do the jobs. China goes broke. America has a lot more middle class jobs, and our rich don’t have the same inflated profit margins.

I swear people don’t think things out.

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You certainly did not.
They, the corporations, will have lost all the already manufactured products stored on site.
They will have lost all the raw materials already procured.
They would have to buy new land to build factories on.
They would have to build new factories.
Their technical schematics would be in the hands of the chinese.
They would lose years of sales while they scramble to set up new manufacturing.
All of which could very well lead to them going broke, as well as retailers who have nothing to sell. It would tank the already ailing western economy in general.

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@ragingloli. They would have to buy, from US companies new land, new factories, new technical schematics. From US companies who would hire US labor, or labor from companies we are aligned with. Meanwhile, the Chinese would be selling to, I guess, no one. Again, the Chinese can keep this stuff, because supply means nothing without demand.

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And none of that happens overnight. Purchasing new land, setting up new manufacturing, hiring and training new employees, etc can take years. Think these companies can hold out that long?

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@Darth_Algar I don’t even know what your point is. America is currently flush with skilled older people who can’t find jobs, and tons of underutilized land, as well as corporations with extra cash, and the most advanced military the world has ever known.

What do you think we have to lose if we just write off what we owe to China and Russia, other than intellectual property theft and debt?

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Having the resources is one thing. Getting those resources to a utilizable state is quite another. If you can’t understand that then you’re the one who is not thinking things out.

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