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Remember when IM's were all the rage? I was on YIM for days on end. Not sure if I could log in today if I tried.

Asked by ibstubro (18636points) March 23rd, 2014

Instant messengers were all the rage (and I loved my YIM), but hasn’t texting/tweeting replaced them?

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Yeah, it was very popular, before Facebook, Twitter (and similar craps) jumped into the spotlight.

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You have been ‘breaking out’ for some time, then, @Mimishu1995. I now think you could be a government agent!

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We IM at work through Outlook. It’s the only place I have ever really used IM, and I can’t stand it. It’s intrusive and demanding.

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Oh haha haven’t been on those for quite a while…I was quite a fan of Yahoo Messenger, and MSN. I suppose those are all dead now. :/

Although…they must still be functional?

Edit; just checked. It’s still there. Not going to download it, but YM prevails lol.

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Oh sure. I used YIM a LOT. It’s how my partner and I communicated for a full year before we met in person. Now I use Facebook IMs.

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I still use AIM to this day

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I still use it for internal communication with colleagues.

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@ragingloli You have colleagues?

I used to use IM on Gmail but I do think most people find it annoying so I stopped.

One friend that I IM’d with a lot I now text with almost exclusively.

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I used AIM and YIM daily. Now, I don’t even remember the last time I had either one of them installed on my computer. I prefer texting, to be honest. I was 14–16 when I was IMing and, looking back, I did some pretty stupid things. Talking to random people from chat rooms, for instance. I don’t have that kind of time anymore, anyway. I text 2–3 people on a regular basis and that’s all I need.

We have IMing capabilities on our Outlook at work, but I’ve never seen anyone use it. Picking up the phone and dialing their extension seems much more efficient, I think. Talking on the phone is just as “instant” as instant messaging, minus the typing time.

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Did I say colleagues? I meant of course underlings.

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I use Lync all day long, every day here at work.

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I used IM for work which was convenient because you could have a conversation without the person you were on the conference call with hearing.

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Haven’t used IM since about 2006. lol

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YIM? What? Was that only for old people? When I was younger we used AIM. Aol Instant Messaging. That was the social place to be before Facebook and Twitter.

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@dxs YIM is Yahoo Instant Messenger. I used both, but YIM did seem to be where the older folks flocked. They had all the “good” chat rooms though, if you were into that sort of thing.

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@livelaughlove21 I know what it is I just didn’t think it was always a popular thing to use. We’re talking early teen years.

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I’m just glad someone finally defined AIM. I guessed it was AOL, but never used it. YIM rocked in it’s day, not for older that I ever, er, “met”.

But, I’m probably decades ahead of @dxs. I never had nothin to do with AOL. I’m still pleased with that decision.

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I still like to call people if I need to speak with them.

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@dxs What the hell is AIM?

The only IM youngsters here know before Facebook is YIM.

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AIM is America On Line IM is AOL Instant Messenger. AOL was one of the first ISP’s in the US.

Is there or was there a VOL?

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