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What does it truly mean to be a man?

Asked by Eggie (5591points) March 24th, 2014

What is a man really? Is he someone that only has sex with women or someone who has sex with multiple women? Is it someone who is strong and can stand up to anything? Is it someone who must pass a certain test of strength or pain in his life to be called a man? Or is it someone who has great courage just to be himself? What are your opinions of what it is to really be a man?

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A man is a male who takes responsibility for his action, leads a life of integrity, and doesn’t let his testosterone take over his thinking. Your idea of “great courage just to be himself” is close.

The rest of what you describe in your question are not manly attributes at all. There are no Feats of Strength, nor demonstration of perceived sexual prowess. And there is no initiation of pain.

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Men do what they say they will do, respect others, take care of themselves and their families. They will put their family first. A man takes the hand he is dealt and plays it fairly instead of folding or cheating. A man will develop his talents to a high degree yet will lead a life of moderation.

So what does it mean to be a woman then?

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phrase being a man is outdated. We have moved far past that. These days “being a man” could be replaced with “being a responsible human”. Gender means nothing outside of the role you play in the creation of life. Of course before equal rights, tolerance, and education it was called “being a man” because a woman was stuck in the kitchen holding a baby lol. They didn’t have the chance to prove themselves because we didn’t let then we’d beat them (rule of thumb). I digress though, to “be a man” is to be able to stand upon your own feet, make responsible decisions, and earn your place in the world. A man does not mooch continuously, he does not put himself first in every situation, and he can not be pushed around. A man sets an example the world can follow.

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Richard, from Friends.
(Is there anyone like that in real life?)

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Two attributes are required:

1. To be of the male gender.

2. To make up your own mind.

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It’s also suggested that he must walk down a certain number of streets.

The exact number is unknown.

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