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What type of people could you stand to spend your entire life with?

Asked by Khajuria9 (2129points) March 24th, 2014

I mean any special qualities.

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I could “stand” a lot of types but if you mean “like” to spend it with I’d say caring, affectionate, helpful, clean, intelligent, funny, educated, sober…

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Quiet and funny, intelligent and kind. Oh, and big, in case they need to beat Bubba off me…lol

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Obscenely wealthy ones that traveled a lot, never disagreed with me, were generous, studly, and funny.
But, you know, I’d settle for honest, charismatic, tolerant friends, too.

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Not many. People annoy me in general.

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People who have moved beyond dualistic us/them thinking. I can be around people who have not evolved, but I don’t enjoy it very much.

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Intelligent and funny are my top two.
The bottom 2, that might force me into extreme acts of violence, would be passive aggressive types and emotionally unstable, needy types.

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In addition to obvious characteristics like kindness and honesty, there are special demands I have due to personal quirks. Pettiness and nagging are non-starters. I need someone to understand that I need some time to be alone with my thoughts. I would require someone who I can talk to and bounce ideas off of. The person does not have to know much about math, but he/she must be comfortable with abstract ideas.

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Project oriented people is what I’d prefer

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Positive, upbeat, optimistic peeps that know how to have a good time, and aren’t too demanding. I can’t stand pessimistic whiners. Go away if that’s your game.

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@Symbeline Great minds. :)
And they have to at least like music, if not love it.

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I saw a documentary in high school about people with mental illnesses, and one guy they kept talking about avoided music at all times. Random, but this is what that reminded me of. If you’re sane of mind, I think it’s probably impossible to not listen to some kind of music or another.

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So true, Symbeline!

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That is interesting. I wonder what it did to him? I’d go crazy without music. One of my clients gave these directions to a new client. “Go out the elevator, turn left and follow the music” UFO right now.

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@Adirondackwannabe If I remember right, this guy was one of those dudes who thinks the government is spying on him at all times, and he was designing some kind of plans to escape the government’s all seeing eye. That’s all he was saying though, he didn’t want to show, or talk about his plans to anyone beyond that. He said that music broke his concentration, and he couldn’t have that because he needed his wits sharpened at all times. Didn’t even turn on the radio or TV, ever.
My guess here is he may have LIKED music, but he thought it to be an interference, so he avoided it.

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Sad. I’d also hang out with anyone that can cure mental illness. That’s so mean to the sufferers. Although lots of times they don’t even know it.

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Most pessimistic whiners ARE passive aggressive. The long, drawn out sighs, muttering under their breath, back stabbing and gossipy, always complaining. Goes with that bleak territory, poor Eeyore, woe is he. lol

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Kind, humorous, playful, intelligent people. Luckily, that’s who I do hang out with!

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They have to be witty, adventurous, like being active and preferably musically inclined or at the very least have a great playlist on their MP3 player.

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Geeks, nerds, and history buffs. People who read good books often.

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Today I learned I could never live with the women of Fluther. :P

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@Blackberry Are you going to give us the rest of the story or just leave it there? There must be a chuckle there.

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It depends on what you mean by “spend your entire life with”.
Do I have to spend every second of the rest of my life with them? In that case, no one.
Or do I just have to live with them for my entire life? In that case, someone who’s quiet and clean.

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As long as I’m not constantly picking up after them. And they can’t smell bad. XD

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Someone who has similar wants, desires, sexual appetites, interests and likes as I do, someone I can talk to about anything and not afraid to say what is on my mind even if I’m wrong in my thinking. Someone who is not afraid to say what he is thinking even if he doesn’t think I will agree with but will know I will listen regardless. Someone who is honest with their opinions even if its something they think I may not agree with because I would rather hear the truth than have someone just tell me what I want to hear and I will do the same for them.

Someone who is passionate about things and not afraid to disagree when we see things differently but is always willing to make up in the end when we argue.

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Someone who is:
– Tolerant (accept who I am and not so demanding)
– Jolly (so that I can have fun with and understand my jokes)
– Kind (so that I can rely on)

That’s it!

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Someone who is pure and innocent or someone who has had their memory completely wiped, and who has some basic intelligence, at least know that they have a brain and how to use it.

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For me… intelligent, alive, humanist and uplifting… a conservative!

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A person with a soft and lovely heart, honest, loyal, caring. And expect same from me in return :)

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