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Why are almonds chosen as nuts for smoothies instead of walnuts or pecans?

Asked by Aster (18382points) March 24th, 2014

Each time I see a video making a smoothie in go the almonds. Why is this?

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They’re pretty healthy compared to the other nuts?

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Let’s compare the nutrition of 100g of these nuts…

– almonds 576
– pecans 690
– walnuts 654

total fat…
– almonds 49g
– pecans 72g
– walnuts 65g

saturated fat…
– almonds 3.7g
– pecans 6g
– walnuts 6g

– almonds 21g
– pecans 9g
– walnuts 15g

Almonds also have more potassium and calcium than the other two.

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I, personally, find their flavor to be more neutral.

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I heard of a doctor recommending almonds specifically to one of my clients that was having diabetic problems. I haven’t been able to find any specifics on why they’re better than other nuts.

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@Adirondackwannabe Hm, I wonder what that’s about. Almonds actually have a few more carbs in them compared to other nuts. They are healthier in other ways, as @hominid listed, but diabetics are primarily concerned with carbohydrates. Weird.

Nuts in a smoothie? I’m not too sure about that one.

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@livelaughlove21 That’s why it’s always stuck in the back of my mind. Weird is correct.

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I didn’t know they put nuts in smoothies. I know walnuts are very oily. I eat them every day and if they get onto my desk or clothes, you can just see the oil.

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The doctor recommended diets usually promote unsalted almonds as your snack, too.
More of the good protein outside of meat, eggs, cheese, etc… like the DASH diet.

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I am a big nut eater – almonds and walnuts.

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I prefer pistachios and cashews. Neither is the healthiest nut out there, but they taste best to me. I’ll eat almonds, but I get sick of them fast.

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Because they contain cyanide. It is a devious plot to slowly poison people.
To death!

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I actually just finished watching Giada on the Food Network.

She made a Banana, Walnut and Date Smoothie that I literally cannot wait to try making myself.

Almonds are more neutral in flavor with a higher protein content. Usually smoothie drinkers are looking for a protein boost.

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