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What is your opinion on posting other friends' photos to Facebook?

Asked by jca (35976points) March 24th, 2014

You’re at an event and photograph groups of your friends, or individual shots. Do you post those photos to Facebook? Do you ask the people first? Do you identify the people in the photos? Do you tag the photos, so the people are notified that their photos are posted?

I often photograph friends and some ask to have their photos put up, as a method of photo sharing, and others do not react with happiness when their photos are put up. My privacy settings are such that only my friends can view anything I put up. When friends tag me in their photos, the photos are not visible to my friends unless I specifically allow them to be (that’s the beauty of FB – the settings are how you like them). I won’t post photos of people unless I feel the photos are flattering, and I don’t post all of the photos I take. Way more are deleted or left in the phone than are posted.

Just curious what others do. What is your personal protocol on posting friends’ photos to Facebook?

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I only post photos that include other people if I have their permission.

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I’ll post and tag people so they can remove the tag or let me know if they don’t like it, but I don’t do it often there.

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Don’t be on a public social media site if you are concerned for your privacy. Or don’t take incriminating photos if you are on Facebook.
I prefer to avoid Facebook.

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I rarely take pictures. The last time I had new pictures of other people was my wedding in May of 2012. I posted them all, permission or not, because it was a wedding. If you don’t want to be photographed, don’t go to a freaking wedding. I did have a couple of problems, though. My mother-in-law wanted the pictures of her (all of them) taken down because she thought she looked like a “whale” in them. Those pictures included her being seated for the ceremony, her dance with my husband, and one or two others. I untagged her, but didn’t delete them. I also had my brother-in-law’s ex girlfriend ask me if the pictures of my brother-in-law and her son could be removed because they made her feel sad. Uh, no. Her son was still in my brother-in-law’s life and she wasn’t even tagged in them, so I’m not sure how she even saw them and got “sad” unless she sought them out. I also have a picture of my sister-in-law and her ex that I didn’t take down when they broke up. Not my problem if your relationships don’t stick – these are memories from my wedding. When they get married, if they post pictures of me that I don’t like, I’ll simply untag myself and be done with it.

Any other time I’ve taken pictures with groups of people were events like prom or parties where everyone I was with was taking pictures and we all knew they’d end up on Facebook eventually. My profile is also set to private.

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I don’t post photos of other people usually unless I know they are ok with it. I don’t always formally ask though. I have friends who post lots of photos and I can kind of assume if they will book. When in doubt I err on the side of caution.

The exception is the Facebook groups I created. Both groups are closed and I post photos in there without worry. One group is for a place I used to work, and people post old and new photos in there of former and current employees. The other is the car club we belong to and people post photos from events and dinners.

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I rarely post photos with others in them, other than my children. And when I post pictures of my kids, I never tag them.

If I do post a pic of a friend, I ask permission before posting.

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I ask permission first. If it is an old picture from like high school (30 years ago), I don’t though.

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My friends: why not?

Me: what? No way, because I don’t have any photos :p

Seriously, I rarely take photos, and never post any on Facebook. I don’t have any “equipment” for photography other than my old cell phone, and its resolution is just horrible. I’m not into photography so I don’t care. Moreover, I have technically left Facebook. I do nothing there other than occasionally give random likes and comments. So you can see why I don’t have any photos (or will power) to post.

My friends are really into taking photos and posting them on Facebook. They post almost every single photo they take there. Some even buy powerful cameras just for that purpose, which I can hardly understand. I never posts or tag any photos on Facebook. On the contrary, most of the photos featuring me are tagged by my friends. But I allow very little of them to be added to my timeline because I’m one heck of a bitch :)

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The only people I take photos with are people in my family. Because I have no friends. None of them mind if I post it. Of course, if they did, I would remove it.

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