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Will obstructionism be a factor in the US midterm elections?

Asked by Strauss (20530points) March 24th, 2014

The 118th Congress of the United States (the current Congress) is being compared for its obstructionism and non-productivity to the 80th Congress, which has historically been referred to as the Do Nothing Congress.
Is this a valid comparison? Will this legacy have a positive or negative effect on the mid-term elections in 2014?

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Most of the chatter I hear is “throw them all out” but I don’t know how that will play out in reality.

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Probably not enough of one to overcome the severe gerrymandering in the House.

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No. Areas tend to like their incumbents. What people really want is to get rid of your representative! I like mine, I want to be able to get rid of John Boehner and the Tea Party reps.

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In my limited experience, the Congress does very little to improve my life. When they indeed do something, it seems to make my life more complicated and expensive.
So I am all for a do nothing Congress. It will simplify my life, and save me money.

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The solution is to only allow one political party to exist, as in russia, north korea. chicago and cuba. We can start by quashing all dissnting opinions like rush limbough.

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Of course it will, that’s the whole point of doing it. Reps can tell their voters that they did everything they could to block ‘bad’ deals like Obamacare, and Dems can use it as an excuse for anything they didn’t get done.

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Red team vs Blue team. Both sides claim victory for blocking the opposite side. The result is that nothing gets done, but politicians on both sides get paid.

We need a party in the middle to get a few things done a year, which will help the American people.

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You need to dispense with the Republikans. They’re the ones blocking everything.

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