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Does frequent blood/platelet donation harm your veins?

Asked by seekingwolf (10387points) March 25th, 2014

I started donating my platelets and plasma regularly (every 2 weeks) a couple months ago. I am not getting paid or anything, but my blood type is really good for platelet donation, my veins are healthy so the process is quick (about an hour), and my fluids are replaced with saline so I feel great afterwards. It’s also kind of fun to sit in a warm leather chair and watch TV for a good cause!

Anyway, my veins are still great but I am worried that donating every 2 weeks is going to harm them or something. Make them collapse or something. Can someone put my fears to rest?

BTW, it’s a 2 arm system, 1 IV in each arm. 1 IV pulls my blood out of me and the other IV returns my red blood cells, sans platelets and some plasma, with some saline to keep me well hydrated.

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