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What to pay for photos like Met-Art?

Asked by octagon (2points) March 25th, 2014

Hi all,

I represent a group of artists creating modern art with a sensual “touch” – where a picture is typically built up around a picture of a nude woman. In this regard we have looked at the met-art web site, and many of the models there are interesting for our purposes, as there are several pictures in the style that is interesting for us; not the most vulgar pictures, but rather pictures of the ladies in more aesthetic posing, to describe it as well as I can (hopefully the meaning is understandable, despite my lack of the proper words…). In short, the goal is to present some pieces of modern artwork of high quality, and where those photos are an integrated element and where the result should be aesthetically elegant and – although not provocative – challenging. I wonder what we can expect to pay (on top of the membership fee) for a right to use such a picture commercially. The finalized artwork pictures are intended to be present on a website where people can buy them – either electronically or as posters.

I hope somebody here can assist – thank you all in advance.

Best regards

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There are a number of folks in the business like Met-Art. Is there any particular reason why you wouldn’t contact them (in the business) for advice as to what they’re doing? Surely the market is big enough to hold all of you.

To what degree are the women in question represented by agents? It might be worth talking to several of them in order to get a ballpark figure for payment.

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Many thanks for the answer – we’re actually not very well versed in this kind of business – what we just found was a range of websites, among which MetArt was seemingly the most prominent; we also looked at other similar sites. The reason we considered using pictures from them is simply that there are good selections of pictures of women of all types in all possible positions, making it possible for us to find pictures that match our specific needs in the particular situations. With regards to agents, I am not aware of how that works, when buying from MetArt or similar sites. This is completely new to us.
That we became interested in MetArt was primarily because they already have plenty of pictures that can be used for our purposes, and therefore, if some kind of commercial right can be purchased on a picture by picture basis, it would be very convenient and simple.

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You may want to mention that the site is not safe for work

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Hi ARE_you_kidding_me, can you please clarify…?

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So basically soft core porn?

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Yes, you can say that – but we are only interested in pics with one person posing; pictures with more than 1 person are not of interest.

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Warn people aka “nsfw” so they don’t bring up a porn site on their work computers and potentially get fired for doing so.

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Thanks, ARE_you_kidding_me; I understand what you mean – yes, of course there will be a clear mark of that by the entrance to the site.

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You are going to have some legal problems here. You have a bunch of hoops to jump through to do the porn thing. And yeah, met-art is counted as porn and gets even more iffy since the legality of some of their models could be questionable.

If you are in the U.S.A you could easily run afoul of 18 U.S. Code ยง 2256. You need meticulous records and a lawyer. Selling the images makes it even more important to document the models.

If you are in Poland this is less of a issue.

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Hi johnpowell, thank you for the information. Is there anywhere we can buy such images, where we can be confident that everything is legally ok?

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I doubt you will make money anyways since anyone can just use google and get this stuff for free.

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Hello everyone, thanks for your help and clarifications; we will drop the idea, then.

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