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What are your feelings about the IPO of Candy Crush? Winner or loser?

Asked by Aster (18187points) March 25th, 2014

As asked.

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Doomed to failure.

Although this particular game is (or perhaps WAS) a hit, there is no track record of them building games (or for that matter, a corporation) for the long term. They have one product. The company’s future is iffy, at best.

I wouldn’t put a cent on their IPO unless I was content to lose it all.

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I bet you it flies to the moon the first day with lots of buying then settles down. It’ll be a rocky road , imo, and something fun to watch.

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I doubt anyone with actual money in stocks are paying much attention to Candy Crush in any way.

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Worked great for Zynga.

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Egh, fuck King. Watching their stocks makes me smile, it’s like karma working itself out.

@Aster It was actually the worst IPO opening day of the year, it dropped 15% on the first day :)

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@El_Cadejo lol I know it tanked. Have no interest in it at all now.

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