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Would you feel safe in an ocean front house up on stilts?

Asked by Aster (18226points) March 25th, 2014

Another tv question. People are buying 800 sq ft frame homes built on tall stilts right on an ocean for under 200K. The idea is if the ocean waves increase to 15 feet high you’re just fine up on your stilts. I think it’s a con and I’d be scared to death. Would you feel safe? I think the sand would get saturated and the stilts would fall down. I’m a land lubber.

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Nah, I don’t think I’d be too worried about it. I’d love to vacation in a place like that, actually.

I’d be more concerned with the fact that it’s 800 sq ft for 200K. Uh, no. I may not be on the ocean, but I paid $140K for 2000 sq ft and, at this point, I probably wouldn’t settle for much less room than that – and this is without kids!

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Yeah, I’ve seen them, seems pretty unsafe to me. I guess there’s a difference in the building materials, like the stilts are concreted in, etc… For me personally, that’s be a great place to vacation but not to live. The power of the ocean is often underrated and I don’t want anything to do with testing it’s limits.

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No, I will be quite scared rather.

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Grew up down in Corpus, went through a few hurricanes, spent a lot of time on the beach up and down the coast.

Nope, I would not feel “safe”.

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It depends on the natural erosion patterns of that section of coastline, the vegetation sustainability, and the hurricane history. The housing design on stilts is architecturally sound and should be the least of your concern. Some of those stilted homes are decades old.

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I was just down in Biloxi (Gulf of Mexico) about a month ago. There are lots of houses along the shore line that are built 12–15 feet up in the air. (And several restaurants and bars, as well)

There seem to be two major varieties:

1) built on 10×10 wood “stilts”

2) built on concrete pilings (not sure what the dimensions are, but they seemed larger than 10”

My gut feeling is that the houses built on concrete pilings are more secure and less likely to be damaged in a hurricane.

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If you get a 15 foot wave, your house may be OK, but your car would be a goner…

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