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When, and why do you stop following a question?

Asked by rojo (21961points) March 25th, 2014

Or do you never stop once you have started?

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Of course, I do. Especially when I am pissed of with reading the multiple responses of the same question continuously for a couple of days.

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Once it descends into idiotic back and forth chatter or argument between just two people.

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Honestly, sometimes I don’t care past putting my two cents in. Such a narcissist. It’s not all that often, but it’s true.

Sometimes I like the random descent into madness, so I’ll follow but stop interacting.

With TJBM, once it takes to long to load I’m out.

If anyone attacks me, not my opinion, in a personal way then I’m out. Or if they start putting words in my mouth, I’m also out. Or if I’m beating a dead horse.

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I don’t stop following very often but when I do it’s because two people take over a thread and have long boring drawn out conversations and in some ways I feel like I’m intruding. If I add some new point of view in the middle of their “private” conversation and it seems to be ignored then I’ll just leave the conversation. I love seeing the “new activity” page full but when it’s full of conversation like that I usually just un-follow.

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I eliminate most questions within a few days when they are all played out IMO. Especially the ones that just end up going in endless circles where the asker insists on continually refuting your answers because they do not like them. haha Pffft!
Out with the old and in with new is my life mantra more often than not.

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I stop following questions when it starts becoming a conversation between two jellies, or when the thread has gotten to the point where it’s people talking about things that aren’t even sort of related to the topic of the question, like their personal lives. I’ll also stop following if someone pisses me off and I don’t want to bother with them anymore. Other times, I’ll stop following when I think the question has run its course and I’m not going to get anything out of future responses.

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Pretty much just when I get pi$$y.

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Almost never. I prefer to follow forever. It’s how I’ve stayed in contact with so many Jellies over the years…many come back to add or update an old thread.

It always amazes me when a Jelly says they haven’t seen so & so comment in so long, yet the person in question has just commented on thread from years past ;)

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When? Now
Why? Because it bores me greatly
Only joking, it’s good for morale

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When I get bored of reading the answers and have nothing more to contribute.

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When the question has been sufficiently answered. When the comments have become repetitive. When stupidity runs rampant. When it becomes boring.

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When it gets boring or redundant, and when people start arguing in them.

That said I must admit, as far as having redundant and off topic conversation in questions, I often do it haha.

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“It’s how I’ve stayed in contact with so many Jellies over the years…many come back to add or update an old thread.”

That’s a great philosophy and it’s great to see you again!

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I enjoy the irony of how many of you have said “when it gets redundant.”

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Heck I said it twice, even.

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@GloPro Hah! It’s a wrap on this one too. lol

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When reading it starts to bore me. When it comes up on my activity list and I think, enough.

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When no one replies to me specifically or gives me a Great Answer, and what @Adagio said.

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I almost never stop following a question. I like having random questions pop up occasionally that a newbie has commented on.

However, if I work on what I think is a great answer and it’s not acknowledged but everyone else is, I’ll drop out.

If a question veers off into a topic that has no interest for me, I’ll stop following.

If the OP keeps redefining the terms of the question? It’s history.

Finally, if I find that the posts on a question consistently bore the holy crap outta me, I just stop listening.

Although it hasn’t been a problem lately, the ideological debates of yore, where there were 2 sides with nothing gotten or given from either side were worthless/deleted.

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I almost never stop following a question. I feel like I have at one point, but can’t remember why, if that memory is correct.

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I don’t use that function.

I can browse through the new daily questions in about five minute from just reading the list in a linear fashion. I barely ever check older stuff.

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I never stop following a question, unless when I click the “stop following” by mistake.

Sometimes I have to refer to previous threads, so I decide to never stop following any questions in case I need them.

I even follow very old questions, as long as they have something good I can learn from or refer to in the future.

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When it runs off the rails into the abyss I bid the Q adiu.

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The only time I stop following a Q is when it files a restraining order against me. ;-o

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Almost never.
If it’s just not stopping, and I don’t care about others responses. Like @GloPro, I often don’t care after my own answer. Usually I just skin the @ messages for my name.

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In all the years I’ve been here I don’t think I’ve ever unfollowed a Q.

But I have a very long list of old Qs that I’ve stopped reading responses to :)

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About now on several of today’s questions….

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“But I have a very long list of old Qs that I’ve stopped reading responses to :)”

Are you still following those old Qs, because you think there’s a small chance that you might read a new response and find it worthwhile?

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@Brian1946 …because you think there’s a small chance that you might read a new response and find it worthwhile?

I really have no intention to dismiss your statement but it’s the truth that I found out a long time ago ~

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Are you saying that many of the new answers to old questions ”...are unhelpful and/or badly written (full of grammatical errors and/or txtspk)”?

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@Brian1946 Really :/

Take some time at the Community Feed and you’ll see~

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Yes, that’s one reason. The other is that it makes it easier for me to find an old Q if its in my list. The SEARCH feature on Fluther sucks….really really hard :)

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