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What are some great examples of web signup forms?

Asked by sferik (6106points) July 1st, 2008

We’re working on redesigning Fluther’s signup process and are looking for great examples of signup forms on the web. We like Vimeo’s signup form, for its beauty and simplicity, and Digg’s registration form, for the way it walks you through each step of the process. What are some other nice examples you’ve seen and why do you like them?

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Gaia actually has a pretty cute one, now, I think.

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I’m actually in the middle of designing a new sign up form for a project, and any suggestions here will be helpful for me too. :) I like the sign up forms 37signals use throughout their projects:

Digg is also rather good.

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You did not mention whether you need to or choose to collect more data than you are now doing.

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Smashing Magazine has a really nice collection of modern web form design (not all of them are sign-up forms but still nice). I am also a fan of Tumblr login page because its so simple. Wishlistr has a nice login too and it’s pretty smart too. In general, I like sign-up form that look simple and at the same time, have some decent design elements to them and more important tell me if lets say a username is taken before i hit submit

Btw if you really want to wow me, design something as complex as vimeo’s background image (see video)

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Yes, we’ll be capturing more info (we want to integrate some profile building, for example).

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Email, username, and password is all you need to ask. Asking for tons of info will stop people from joining. I think the current implementation is nice.

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I like the gimmick of this site in which the user picks the form like them or that appeals to them, but the forms are all the same behind the graphic.

I like the bog blocks and white space of this one, but I would prefer hotter graphics.

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I vote for pretty, simple, fitting with the site design, and hopefully cute and funny. I love all the little things about this site. The cute, funny, unique things are what made me like this place in the beginning.

I should hope that you continue in that fashion and make the signup equally charming.

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We were thinking it would be a multi-step process that you could abandon at any point along the way. So the first would ask for minimal information (email address, username and password only). The second step might ask you to fill out some information on your profile, and so on.

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perhaps a “do this later?” with the profile bit. I always get pressured and nervous filling out profiles. Defining oneself is a very difficult thing to do… At least for me. Especially if it asks something like “interests” because I can’t narrow it down that much (and saying ‘everything’ sounds really pretentious). I prefer to fill it out gradually as I decide what kind of interests I want to list, how specific I want to be.

It would be much more simple for me to answer ‘disinterests.’ But even then the word is so broad that I would wonder if I should list things that I don’t like or things that I find somewhat uninteresting.

right. Sorry. Tmi

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or did you mean abandon as in run-away-never-to-return or do-this-after-I-explore-more?

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“Abandonment” is conversion jargon.

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I like “getting started without signing up”, being able to bind whatever you’re doing to an account you create later. But I suppose that’s not really suitable for Fluther…

Then I suppose just a username and password would be fine to quickly get started, even email shouldn’t be required, just useful if you want password reminders in case you forget, and notifications of answers to your questions.

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Really simple, neat and friendly is what´s most important. To be honest I can´t see why you would need to change it at all. In my opinion fluther has got one of the nicest sign up pages I´ve met. And, yes, I really like not having to fill out all that information from the start.

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@shudderbrother Thanks! But sadly the conversion rate for our current form is pathetic. Fluther gets 6,000 unregistered visitors from Google every day. Only ~20 of those people decide to stick around and create accounts. That’s a .333% conversion rate. We’d love to get that up to a meager 2% (120 registrations per day). Many websites like ours have conversion rates as high as 5%. If we could do that, we be growing 15X as fast.

The reason we were thinking of having a multistage signup form is so that we could do a better job telling Fluther’s story, explaining what the site is all about and why you might want to be a member. We think we’ve built a really great application, but our signup form doesn’t communicate that at the moment.

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Ah, marketing, that’s different. I would tout the benefits right up front. Here’s what I get out of membership:

Ask. Get help from people who have been there.
Expound. Share your expertise and ideas to help others.
Meet. Exchange thoughts with people from all over the world.
Discuss. Chew over the issues of the day.

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All this discussion is great, but I’d love to get more links to great signup forms.

Where are some web apps you weren’t sure you’d use, but you signed up for anyway?

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Facebook is an obvious sign-up form to look at. I like that you don’t have to leave the initial landing page to essentially complete the sign-up process.

This is the sign-up form I’m working on (Flickr) for the project I mentioned. I think the iconography is important for guiding the eye, because we’re collecting quite a bundle of information. Since it’s low budget, all of the icons except for the popcorn bucket are from the fantastic and free Silk by Mark James. (I did the popcorn bucket myself in Illustrator.)

A check-mark or cross, with a short message, appears by the username form when typing to indicate whether or not that username is available. In my opinion, there is nothing worse than filling everything in correctly, to have to submit a form multiple times to find an available username, or even worse; to be suggested some lame variations on what you would actually like.

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*guiding the eye… and keeping people interested, too.

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I kind of like the sign up for BlueOrganizer, simple and clean. Ma.gnolia has got a different appoach that´s maybe a little confusing but it got me hooked on:
But I still like fluther´s sign up better
@richardhenry Those cute icons in your form really do work, making the form easy to follow and fun to fill out.

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Alright, @richardhenry… I hope you have me on the short list of invites for Salt in Your Popcorn. I’m already intrigued just by the signup form.

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