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How do I make money off a blog?

Asked by pleiades (6571points) March 25th, 2014

What are all the strategies to make money off a blog? I’m thinking of using Googles Blog Spot/Blogger whatever it is called these days!

I’m familiar with adaware from Google… But how do I make more money off of ads? Do I go to relevant companies and e-mail them explaining what I do and how much traffic I get and if they’d like an ad space I can provide the space and they just pay a certain rate?

Thanks guys. Please send sources and what not. I will be forever grateful. I have time to blog, I’m unemployed, looking to employ myself!

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Say something that people want to read. Concentrate on content—give people a reason to read your blog. What do you add to the conversation? What makes you blog unique?

That’s the key. Once you have an audience – and a consistent audience – then selling ads around it is fairly mechanical. But you need to attract the audience first.

If it were I, the first goal is having a couple of weeks of good quality content that people who want to read in your blog.

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I am a frequent reader of blogs. I see what they do – they get free stuff from people looking to have themselves linked to the blog. The blog’s author will write an entire post with photo, showing “Look what so and so sent me for my daughter!” or something like that. She will talk about how the daughter loves it, or look at this fabric that I got from this site, blah blah blah. Another, subtle way to make money.

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I’ve been using Chitika because the Google adsense has proven to be unnecessarily hard. There are several sites you can sell space to and most are pay per click. Also, a legit product site like Redbubble or Zazzle can help but starting up is a lot of work and payouts take time…

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