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How often do you get together with a group of friends for dinner?

Asked by GloPro (8311points) March 26th, 2014 from iPhone

I went out with 9 other single friends of both genders last night. We had so much fun. The BBQ rib joint didn’t serve alcohol, but the servers thought we must be drunk because of the amount of laughter and banter going on. I thought to myself that we should be doing this more often. It was $20 each, tip included. We all shared our plates and got to go bags of whatever was left.

Do you have game nights? Dinner parties? Dinner out with a group? How often? Do you usually initiate hanging out? Are they friends, co-workers, family members? How big is the get-together?

What’s the best avenue for getting together with a group of friends? Take this question any direction you want…

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I have dinner parties and/or game nights at my house every couple of months and they are great fun. Usually have about 6–8 people and most bring something. In the summertime, I will host a few barbecues in my back yard.

I also go out to dinner with friends, about 1–4, about once a week and will participate in local get togethers at bars or music venues about 3 times a month.

I am often the initiater of the private socializing.

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My friend pool has dwindled to a mere puddle the last handful of years. My most recent get together was 2 Sundays ago, with a local friend and her family, friends, for a BBQ and river hangout. Had a lot of fun but aside from a big party I threw at my old house back in2009, my social life is pretty tame these days. I’m fine with that, I don’t enjoy socializing just for the sake of, if I don’t really enjoy the company. I’m very outgoing but I find most people incredibly dull, only talking about their boring day to day lives.

To find quality others that have more to talk about than mowing their lawns and what’s for dinner or their family and relationship issues, is a real challenge for me. haha

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I have 3 neighbor couples who every other month we rotate dinner parties with our families or more often just the adults. Twice a year we will host a BBQ party for our other friends and the neighbors.

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Not often enough anymore! I love doing it.

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It is harder as we all age. My best friend of over 25 years has just moved away and others have had health problems that limits them or just need to draw in their wings. We now settle for meeing for lunch with just two or three of us from time to time. Everyone I know is tired of cooking.

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I have two groups of friends, and one other friend who is not part of the groups.

With group number one, I meet up maybe once a week on average. Mostly we meet for lunch, game nights, brunch or movie nights. We also get together about once a year for a murder mystery dinner, which is always lots of fun.

With group two (best friends), I meet up once a week too. Used to be more often. We also used to sleep over at each others’, which hardly ever happens now. We normally just sit around and talk, often outside if it’s warm enough. Sometimes we bake. We’ve been having a hard time for a while, I hope things will go back to normal soon.

The single friend I meet up with about once a month. We normally have lunch together, sometimes we meet for movie marathons.

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Now that I am in FL living in an apartment temporarily it doesn’t happen much. The last time happened to be just a week ago. It was lunch actually with a friend and her mom; I used to work with both of them. I also had coffee yesterday afternoon with a new acquaintance. Not sure if those count.

When I lived in TN we got together with a group of freinds about twice a month. It was great. People were very social there.

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I get together on Friday’s when I don’t have a date. There is a group of us that gets together most Friday evenings.

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How often, maybe once a month. I tend to put it off for other things, but I always enjoy it when it happens. Last time was a bbq two weeks ago for six.

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I don’t really have a group of friends. I’ll get together with my family every now and then. Not as often as I’d like.

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Maybe once every 3 months or so but I wish it could be more often. Work constraints often get in the way of activities in my private life.

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We do brunch mostly. About three or four times a year.

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I don’t usually hang out with a “group of friends”. I mainly hang out with a single friend because I’m suck at interacting with a lot of people at the same time. I have a good friend (older than me) who loves to hang out at night and we do it whenever both of us have free time. We often eat dinner together at various stores as we just try to find the cheap ones to eat. And other friends, I prefer hanging out with them in the morning.

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rarely. I have a limited number of friends and we are all pretty insular.

Except on Thursday night when four of us go out for beers and then I come home and get on Fluther and post inappropriately.

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rarely ever.

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