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Do you think you would have lived your life differently had you been born the opposite sex?

Asked by Gifted_With_Languages (1137points) March 26th, 2014


Thank you very much.

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Probably not actually, I wasn’t really raised to fill traditional roles, more of an independent thinker. Maybe a bit more outdoorsy rather than in my head so much though.

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I doubt I would have given as many blowjobs…

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My childhood years would have been exactly the same. Comic books, Tae-Kwon-Do, and building forts.

Teen years/religious years would have been WAY better. People wouldn’t have been bitching at me so much for showing up the lazy-ass church boys when any real work needed doing. They eventually disallowed me from working with the men. I was told to go clean the church with the ladies. Like it’s my fault none of the XYs could climb a tree or wield a machete or start a fire. I eventually stopped going to work days.

Adult years: Aside from the obviously female acts of bearing offspring and breastfeeding, most of my choices would probably have been the same. I wouldn’t be married to my husband, though.

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I’d prolly have masturbated a lot more….

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Surely yes. I can’t help but think I would have been raised differently, had different friends and interests, went to different schools, had different kinds of jobs, married differently, likely been a mother. Hard to even imagine all the things in my life that would be different now had I been born female.

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Of course. There are tremendous social pressures associated with gender.

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I really don’t think so. I say this because all of my girlfriend and wives have had the same passions in life that I do. All loved the outdoors, love to fish, swim and boat, were artistic and loved music like I do. The only difference I can see is a few of the jobs I had/have I doubt I would have done if I were a woman.

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Most likely. For one, without a vagina I would not have given birth, so, I would have been a father, not a mother. For two…I would have likely been a super daredevil adventurer type, but I suppressed a lot of those traits to conform to more traditional female roles in my generation.
I still have had some grand adventures, but had I been born a male I would have been some crazy amazon river guide, bungie jumping, para-sailing, Yacht racing, mountain climber type, fly by night romeo.

Relationships tie down adventurious souls.

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I can’t say with any certainty, but I sincerely hope that I would be the same person making the same choices. My parents may have treated my slightly differently, but not by a significant enough margin to make a completely different person. Society, however, would have treated me vastly different, especially given the fairly strict gender norms in my community. The different set of plumbing would alter the relationship that I am currently in although I hope that my significant other would have fallen in love with me anyway.

I don’t think that being born the opposite sex would alter my gender identity, either.

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If I were a woman I’d be a hyper sexualized folk musician and turn reds on their heads about the direction America is going in haha.

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You need to specify which of the two other sexes I would be.

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Who knows?

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Well, I would probably have masturbated less.

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@rojo Yeah, you guys, that thing is always in your face, or someones face. lol

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I would think so. Just having more testosterone usually changes things. I can’t even imagine being a man. I never was curious about or wanted to be the opposite sex. Except for sex, when I was a teen I wondered what sex felt like to men.

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I think so, given the fact that most of my hobbies are boyish.

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@Coloma if it was in someones face I wouldn’t need to masturbate.

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I wouldn’t have spent so much time looking at women’s boobs.

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@filmfann Look at this way…..

Boobs are proof that men can focus on two things at once.

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Probably. Although if I had still been attracted to males, that would’ve been a plus…

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Nah, although wearing a skirt with no knickers & feeling the wind rattle through my “valley” sounds simply outstanding.

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^^^ What’s that spooky howling noise?^^^

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Laughs, oh yeah. Raised in a traditional farm family. You’re the oldest male, get out there and work.

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That’s your pointing arrows poking into my bottom, stop it & stop it now!

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I would have had a lot of lesbian sex.

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Well probably. As was already mentioned, gender roles are very strong in society, whether one likes it or not. Some of my life would have probably been different, can’t really say how. But I know for a fact that my passions and hobbies would have been the same, and my life revolves around those a lot. My job would have been different probably, as would have been my relationships. But I would still love zombies and Vikings and video games. In fact I was teased in school for having ’‘boy hobbies’’ hahaha.
And pillows. Although I suppose if I was a guy, my pillow obsession would be less open than it is now. But maybe not. :D
If I wake up one morning and I’m a man, I wouldn’t change anything. Except my job I guess, not that men can’t be waiters, obviously.

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I would most likely have been some promiscuous whore, with my legs open for every guy just go get attention from them.

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Sorry that was mean. Self edited.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Why do you say that?

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A are glimpse into his mind.
1. Deep down inside he is sexually depraved. He wants to be a slut. He craves the vagina/cock.
2. He is a misogynist. He believes that women do not have have the moral steadfastness not to give in to their desires.

- The summoned ghost of Sigmund Freud

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I have actually thought about this a lot. I have always thought being a man is easier than being a woman, but of course we can never know this. I wouldn’t have to stress over picking dresses for fancy things, I could just wear a suit and look amazing. I could piss anywhere, anytime. I wouldn’t have to think about what time of the month it is. I could just go around shirtless when it’s hot without anyone thinking it was weird. I could travel the world without any serious fear of being attacked or raped.
So yes, I would probably have lived my life differently. But I am happy to be a woman and I am extremely grateful that I am a woman in Northern Europe and not in for example Saudi Arabia or Egypt .

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And I wouldn’t be able to write my name in the snow.

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@tups I am glad you are a Northern European woman too and I would like to add that…......Hang on I have to pee…......................................................................................... There we go!
Where was I?

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@Adirondackwannabe You could if your name was alasdkjgpioreuwh gre078tghsefio bosdf.

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Depends on how much beer I consumed. That’s a challenge, but possible.

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I gave this a little more thought, and came back to the question…
I would have gotten into a few less fights as a teenager. I probably would not have played both football and basketball but probably only basketball. I would not have killed as many people when I was in the service. I am sure I would have spent more money on bras and tampons. I might have complained more.
Other than that, I can’t be sure.

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I would have gotten into a few less fights as a teenager. Ya think lol?

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