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Can someone explain to me why so many flip-flops are being made with ridges and bumps?

Asked by Pandora (27130points) March 26th, 2014

I went from shoe store to shoe store, looking for some flip flops to wear this summer for the beach. Either they were leather, which is awful when wet. Or they where plastic. I didn’t mind the plastic ones but they all had ridges and bumps that irritate my feet.

Another thing was that many of them have the front a slight degree higher than the heel part, and the heal part slightly leans downward to the right for the right foot and the left side for the left foot. My daughter didn’t believe me till she tried them on. It feels weird. You can also tell by laying the shoe on a flat surface. So why are shoe manufactures trying to make their shoes uncomfortable? Oh, I forgot to mention, this was only on womens shoes. I finally had to buy my flip flop from the mens shoes. They were even without all that bumpy crap and didn’t leave me feeling I was standing in sand.

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Probably grip/airflow for the soles of your feet.

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I think it’s supposed to be a massaging effect. like reflexology.

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Because the shoe elves are sadists.

Or they’re trying to make them egonomic.

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@Juels Lol, I can picture some old creepy guy designing the bumps with a hard on thinking about how people will hate it.

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Sorry; ergonomic. Wish I could spell!

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It’s silly though. Your foot is in a flip flop. Most of your foot raises up as you walk. Never had a problem getting air circulation around my foot. All it does is irritate the soles of my feet. Some had really large padded areas that raise your feet in awkward positions. It feels as if they are purposely trying to ruin the shape of your feet.

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You might want to look at some of the specialty beached shops like Quicksilver

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Depends on the brand…

-Some flip flops encourage blood flow
-some allow for quick drying time
-others cushion pressure points, while allow for better foot positioning.
-types made by Crocs and similar brands have nubs to massage the feet while walking

My son loves this type of power flip flop.

Whereas I only where yoga toe type sandals.

Flip flops aren’t just a one type fits all shoe any longer. They’re now as individual as the people wearing them. The flat, foam type cause me severe foot and back pain. They also tend to last for a short period of time.

If you’re looking for the old, foam version, Old Navy tends to sell them for cheap this time of year. If you can’t find them in the women’s section, just head over to the boys or teen section.

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What kind of flip-flops were you looking at? I buy mine at Old Navy for $5 (or 2/$5 if I’m lucky enough to catch a sale). The heel is flat and there’s no bumps.

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I’ve never liked the massaging soles, either. Most flip-flops have little structure to the sole, if any. If your feet and ankles are rolling inward – which is called overpronation – you may want to get sandals that have arch support. Last year I found Vionic / Orthaheel shoes and sandals, and they are very supportive. I have some Dansko shoes and sandals that are also supportive.

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@Pandora: I think of a flip flop as being a foamy bottom with plastic straps, about $3 at Walmart. Totally flat where you put your feet.

I think the shoe that you describe is a more expensive, $30 name brand thing. I have several pairs, if it is the shoe I think you are describing. Mine are made by Adidas, purchased from Kohls. They have little bumps all over the bottom and they are somewhat irritating. For short walks, like in a hotel to the pool, it’s ok. I wouldn’t want to wear them all day if I were doing a lot of walking.

If you can provide a link, I think the shoe you are describing is the second shoe I describe – not really what we call a flip flop.

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@jca Yeah, that is the kind of thing I keep running into, or it has fabric or leather which is horrible for the beach. Especially when it gets wet. I want it more like this, only when I do find something made like this, it is made poorly. My heels sink back in the shoe and they make the front part higher. Its weird. And if I find it in a foam and it may look straight but the foam is very soft and your heel sinks down because that is where most of your weight goes. You feel like you are walking in sand where your heel sinks in first when walking.

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@Pandora I just received an LL Bean catalog in the mail today…all of the flip flops they’re showing are just like your link above from Kohls.

Maine Isle Flip Flops—-looks like they’re rated highly, too.

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Lands End makes something that looks like a fancy version of a Dr. Scholl’s shoe. You can get them for $20 when they have a sale – regular price is 40. Hard bottom, like Dr. Scholl’s.

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